SPM Lieut Silas Sears lived in that part of Yarmouth known as the East precinct, now East Dennis; was propounded to take up Freedom, Jun 6 1682; comd Ensign, Oct 28, 1681; Lieut. Jul 7, 1682; chosen representative to the General Court at Plymouth 1680-82. 25 Dec 1689, "Silas Sears and others fined 20s for not appearing and attending at court, or disorderly departing therefrom;" - fines remitted later, "it being first offense of the kind." 1694, "Lt Silas Sears on Com. to seat men, women and others in the meeting house;" an onerous duty in those days. 1 Nov 1676, Emott Bursell and Silas Sears were appointed administrators of the estate of James Bursell of Yarmouth. He left no will, and letters of administrationwere granted to his widow Anna, May 5, 1698, a copy of which is annexed, mentions sons Silas, Richard, Joseph and Josiah; and daughters, Hannah, Elizabeth and Dorrity. Rev E.H. Sears states in his "Sears Genealogy," that Lieut. Silas Sears had a son Thomas, born Yar., 1664, who removed to Newport, R.I., and died there 1707 leaving issue. Freeman Hist Cape Cod II p.205, says Lt. Silas Sears d. ae. 60 and it is said came form Yar. NE but the entry is now lost. About 1860, a gravestone was erected by Hon. David Sears in the old burying ground on Thames street, Newport, which bears the following inscription. [Copy of epitaph in N.E.Gen. Reg., communicated by Hon. D.S.] "Here lyeth the body of Thomas Seares, Son of Lt. Sylas Seares, of Yarmouth, P.C. And grandson of Richard the Pilgrim. Born in 1664, and died August ye 16th 1707, Aged 43 years. Beneath this stone the empty casket lies, The polished jewel brightens in the skies." P.Stevens & Sons. [Stone-cutters] This stone is surmounted by the arms of "Sears of Chatham." The name of Thomas Sears is not found in town or church records of Yarmouth or Newport, nor in the Probate records of Barnstable county, or of Newport, R.I; and the fact that he is not mentioned in the settlement of the estate of Lieut. Silas Sears, nine years previous to his alleged death, should be considered good evidence that Silas Sears had no son of that name then living, if he ever had such. Silas Sears, Jun., did have a son Thomas, born in 1702-3, named for his maternal grandfather, Rev. Thomas Crosby.

MD 32, p.165 Abstracts of Barnstable County, Mass Probate Records Settlement of Estate of Lt Silas Sears p.70 "The Invintory of Liut Silus Sears of yarmouth Lately deceased" was not dated. It was sworn to, 2 May, 1698, by "Anna Sears vid Relict of Liut Silus Sears". The real estate was: "Houses lands and meadow" 130. The estate was indebted to: "mr John xxxx, mr Isaac Chapman, Nathaniel Cole, Thankful Boarman, Samuel Taylor, Seth Taylor, James Sturgis, mr Jonathan White, John Paddack, mr Barnabas Lothrop." p.71 On 5 May, 1698, Anna Sears, the widow, was appointed administrix of Lt Silas Sears, "deceased Intestate". p.72 On 5 May, 1698, Barnabas Lothrop, Judge of Probate, settled the estate as follows: May ye 15th, 1698, by Barnabas Lothrop, Judg of Probate and granting administration in ye county of Barnstable, a settlement of ye Estate of Liut. Silas Sears late of Yarmouth deceased Intestate: and to be devided as hereafter exprest.

SPM The widow Anna Sears shall have when debts are paid, one third of ye personal Estate to herself forever: to be at her dispose. And for her dower she shall have one third of ye housing and Land that was her Late husbands sd Silas Sears or ye Improvement thereof During her Natural Life. The Rest of ye Estate shall be equally divided amongst ye sd (said) deceaseds children, only his eldest son to have a dubble part, at ye Death of ye widow her Dower to be like divided as aforesaid. There is to be added to ye Inventory of ye sd personal estate fifty four pounds which sum of sd deceaseds children own that they have all Redy Received of their father as portion, so that ye widows thirds of ye personal Estate when debts are paid coms to thirty three pounds, ye childrens part of ye personal and Real Estate beside ye widows Dower with what thwey have allRedy had is as followeth: The eldest son Silas Sears hath as he owned, had alredy, two pounds, and must have more nine pounds. (The word "thirty" before "two" was doubtless omitted by mistake of the Register in 1698.) Richard Sears hath allRedy four pounds and seven shillings, and must have more, sixteen pounds and three shillings. Hannah Sears hath had allRedy fifteen pounds, and is to have more five pounds and ten shillings. Joseph Sears hath had allRedy three pounds and is to have more seventeen pounds and ten shillings. Josiah Sears is to have twenty pounds and ten Shillings. Elizabeth Sears is to have Twenty pounds and ten shillings. Dorrity Sears is to have twenty pounds and ten shillings. only if debts should appear morethan ye doth due from sd Estate, then widow and children according to what they have or shud Receive must pay their proportions thereof. Barnabas Lothrop, Judg of Probate. (Seale) Barnstable, ss. Oct. 8, 1885. A true copy of the record, Attest, Freeman H Lothrop, Register of Probate Court.

The Inventory of Liut. Silas Sears of Yarmouth, Lately deceased and his estate prized and ye prise of each particleer set down as followeth:

  s d     s d
To houses lands and meadow 130 00 00   To swine 01 05 00
To one bed and furniture belonging to it 07 00 00   To another bed and furniture belonging to it 06 00 00
To pewter 01 05 00   To two Brass Kittles 01 10 00
To two skilletts, a warming pan, spice mortar, box iron 01 00 00   To two tubbs and trays and a earthen pot 00 10 00
To Bookes 00 08 00   To two pailes and to earthern pots 00 02 00
To Barrels 00 07 00   To two wheels and a pair of cards 00 05 00
To three old chests 00 07 00   To four chairs 00 03 00
To two tables 00 02 00   To one Gun 01 10 00
To another Gun 00 18 00   To Linnen cloths 00 15 00
To a bed 01 00 00   To Flax and Linnen Yarn 00 13 00
To Sheeps wool 00 04 00   To a piece of cloth 00 06 00
To wearing cloaths 08 00 00   To a sett of coopers tools 01 10 00
To 3 axes, and 2 wedges 2 sithes 00 10 00   To one carte 00 16 00
To youks, and a chain, and hows, a spade 01 00 00   To plow irons and a chaine 00 06 00
To one grinding stone 00 05 00   To 3 sickles, a sourd a candlestick a Tramel Tonges 00 14 00
To 20 sheepe 05 00 00   To 4 oxen 16 00 00
To 5 cowes and other young cattle 20 00 00   To one iron pott and a Looking Glass at 00 09 06
To money 00 07 00   To some od small things 00 04 00
To powder and Bulletts 00 06 00      
To acount of Debts which is to be paid out of ye Estate
To Mr John Sloos 02 12 00   To Mr Isaac Chapman 00 10 00
To Nathaniel Cole 10 00 00   To Thankful Boarman 05 15 00
To Samuel Taylor 01 10 00   To Seth Taylor James Sturgis 00 11 06
To Mr Jonathan White 00 06 04   To John Paddock 01 12 04
To Mr. Barnabas Lothrop 00 18 06      

Anna Sears wid Relict of Lieut. Silas Sears late of Yarmouth deceas’d made oath to ye truth of this Invintory before Barnabas Lothrop Esq Judg of Probate and granting administration May ye 2d. 1698. Examined and entered May ye fourth 1698. Attest, Joseph Lothrop, Regist. Barnstable,ss. Oct. 8,1885. A true copy of the records. Attest, Freeman H. Lothrop, Register of Probate Court. [Sears Homepage]