From the August 10, 1998, Time article, "Funny: The Next Generation"

The New Bozena, 28-33
Circle of Hell: II (comics whose agents claim they're negotiating TV deals)
Seems like: Salvador Dali, the clown
Next Seinfeld: No

Three minimalist clowns expressing existential discomfort doesn't sound like a funny pitch. That's because it has the word clowns in it. But watching these three guys try to impress a casting director by head-butting a ham through a paper target, or a female audience member by singing, dancing and yelling "Look at me!" is the brainiest physical comedy in a long time. Their performance skills are Cirque du Soleil quality (one of them, Michael Dahlen, is a member of the surreal mime troupe the Blue Man Group), and even they hope to bring their slacker vaudeville to TV. When clowns are having meetings with MTV and Castle Rock, you know TV has killed the stand-up star.

-- Joel Stein
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