Rupert Giles
An Uncomfortable British Librarian
The Watcher

I love Giles. I mean, really. He's such a GREAT character. I love how he can be uncomfortable in almost any given situation, regardless of the circumstances. That's quite commendable, and amazing. I liked Giles from the get-go...he's so sweet. But there is that rough underbelly to him as well. He works Buffy hard, but he also sometimes realizes that Buffy is a human being. I was shocked when he apologized to her in Reptile Boy. I mean, yeah, he isn't an idiot. He knew Buffy felt bad about what had happened, but that move wasn't what I was expecting at all.

I loved the fact that Giles dug Ms. Calendar. They were just the cutest couple in the whole world. And she was going to make him squirm....*sigh* I would have loved to have seen that. Passion was a great Giles ep. ASH was absolutely amazing in the "Giles discovers Jenny" scene. That scene was horrible to watch, because we all KNEW what was up there, and ASH made our hearts break with his contained excitement. Perfect gestures, expressions, everything. Seeing him take off his glasses and then fix his hair. That scene epitomizes to me how damn good a show Buffy really is.

And, then, of course, the aftermath. Giles attacking Angelus and Co.'s hole, and almost getting the better of Angelus. Even though he didn't, it was freaking awesome to see him beat the crap out of him with the fiery club. Woo hoo. Go Giles. The Buffy/Giles scene at the very end of the show was heartbreaking. Buffy punching Giles, and telling him she "can't do this alone." Then, the two of them hugging and crying together. Very powerful, superb acting. Giles brings out the logical side of Buffy, and she brings out the emotional side of him. They are a great team.