My name is Martin, i am from Austria, my hometown is Innsbruck, but i am living since 20 years in the capital Vienna, i am working for the german company SIEMENS as a consultant in telecommunication projects, and since 7 years i am travelling around the world doing my job.

I love to see other countries and cultures, and to make new friendships all over the world, especially with people that like music, arts and literature as i do, and i think the internet is a fantastic new world for thoose who take advantage of it

So this page is my tiny contribution to that big community, enter and see a little bit of my world and of the things that are important to me. I hope you have a good time visiting my webcorner, and come back again.

Below you find links to my photo pages, showing my recent pictures from indonesia where i am working right now

Map of Indonesia


A Trip to Anyer (Westjava)

1000 Islands (Pulao Seribu)

A Trip To Yogjakarta Page1

A Trip To Yogjakarta Page2

A Trip To Yogjakarta Page3

A Trip To Yogjakarta Page4

Amazing Bali

A Weekend in Singapore