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The Website that you are about to see features traditional and contemporary ceramic art. You are always welcome to leave your comments and spend some time on it, and maybe a little bit of money. The "sophisticated" design of this site was done exclusively by person who wrote this text, made these pictures and all the ceramics, so please do not be upset if some links will fail or pictures won't open.

Sincerely yours,
Maxim Krivelev

The technique that I use in my work combines elements of traditional and contemporary art. The original designs are inspired by traditional Russian schools of folk art such as Zhestovo, Khohloma and Gzel, and tremendous Variety of Russian fairy tales and legends. In my work I use a unique needle technique which allows you to feel all the details and patterns of the painted surface. This particular technique distinguishes my ceramics from other and characterizes my style.
The Process of creating consists of several stages, but most important are the following:
All the pieces are made of a special type of clay which is soaked in a water for three weeks and cleaned by hand.
After this process is over, the clay poured in original molds and stays there for several days until water evaporates from it and the clay obtains the desired shape.
Later, raw item is removed from the mold and painted with brushes and needles using underglaze paint.
Next, the item is placed in the oven for as much as 1816*. Afterwards, it is removed from the kiln and painted with glaze so that it acquires a truly unique appearance and then it is once more placed in the kiln for even a higher temperature of 1922*.

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