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My Web Page By Max Pizey
hi Name is Max Pizey and if you don't know me then get  off my page. I am from K.C. I like video games, tv, movies, cars and lacrosse. I would like to say Coach Yates you rock. Coach Yates is my lacrosse coach.  I  friend. My favorite car is the Shelby 500 GT Elenor.  My top five Favorite movies of all time in order is Seven with Brad Pitt, Austin Powers, Princess Monanoke a anime, XXX, World is not a Enugh with a James Bond movie.
My six favorite comedians are George Carlin, Chris Rock, Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Jim Carrey and Woody Allen. My favorite place to go is Maine.  You must see XXX.  Sam Fisher peace Out to you dude.
And in the words of M.C. Hammer    " Lets get this show started"
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[Ask Earl]
this kick ass Lamborghini Diablo  is made out of actual gold and is the most expencive car in the world it is 4million dollars.
This is a Dodge viper
This is a Ford Mustang Shelby 500 GT
This is the exacted same mustang used in Gone in 60 seconds.
This is a Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster
Quote of the Week:
Well if  crime fighters fight fight crime and fire fighters fighters fires What do Freedom Fighters fight? They never mentioned that part to us, do they?
- George Carlin
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