The World of Numbers

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This page, like the companion Science page, contains items and links that appeal to me for one reason or another. Here you will find various topics related to mathematics and statistics, including links to reference material, tutorials, Macintosh freeware, and miscellaneous tidbits as well as to other sites like this one. The list is not meant to be comprehensive and the selection is based, as always, on my personal perspective. Thus, this page will always be under construction!


It would be difficult to find any other subject, of comparable relevance and importance, about which so many are so proud of their ignorance. Even the most fastidious individuals, who would never tolerate the unforgivable solecism of a split infinitive, will not hesitate to proclaim, to one and all, their utter inadequacy when it comes to anything pertaining to numbers. This includes activities even as mundane as rescaling a recipe, reading a weather map, or computing the total cost of a mortgage. Tell people that the Sun is far away and they will nod their head and try to look intelligent. Say that it is 93,000,000 miles away and their eyes will start to glaze over as they search for some means of escape.

If you are reading this page, then you are likely in that happy minority who know better. Therefore, you might find things here that you will appreciate.

A Real Rogue's Gallery

Sometimes, just looking at numbers in different ways can be both interesting and insightful. See what you think of these:

Let's Not Forget the Integers

lest they feel neglected.

Famous Theorems, etc.

Theorems are more than just something you have to memorize in geometry class. They represent Truth in a way that is otherwise absent from life in general. A theorem, once proven, remains 100% true forever. Occasionally, a theorem will gain almost universal recognition due either to its elegance and beauty or its utility. Here are some of my favorites:


Here are some leading references to math tutorials and exercises on the 'Net. Obviously, you can find a lot more using almost any search engine. These sites reference many further links and are provided just to get you started.

Macintosh Freeware

These are just a few of the many free software packages readily available for the numerate Mac user.

Other Useful Links

The following are sites of general interest:


Statistics, albeit a discipline in its own right, is primarily an ever-improving cumulation of mathematical tools for extracting information from data. To a physical scientist, such as myself, numerical data are both the goal of experimentation and the fuel of discovery. The path from data to discovery, however, is often long and tortuous. Without the aid of statistics, no scientist could travel that path successfully.

In society at large, statistics has a poor reputation. Again, part of this stems from a pervasive and disheartening innumeracy. The rest derives from the fact that, even with the best of intentions, probability and statistics are not easy to comprehend. Perhaps some of the items presented here will help to clarify this subject.


Here is a selection of educational material of different kinds. Many of these sites also serve as leading references to others with similar content.


These are some of the more notable freeware applications (Macintosh, Java or JavaScript) currently available:

Other Useful Links

The following is a collection of general links to statistics literature and resources on the web: