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Dave Butler's Guide for Children, Librarians, Parents, and Teachers

Guide for Children, Librarians, Parents, and Teachers

Resources for Library Patrons, assembled by Dave Butler, Tech Volunteer at Logan

African American Focus

The Black Health Net
Afrocentric site targets community
NetNoir. The Soul of Cyberspace.


Earth and Moon Viewer

Biographies, Tributes to Celebrities

Diana, Princess of Wales
Los Angeles Times Mother Teresa 1910-1997
Mother Teresa Winner of the 1979 Nobel Prize in Peace
Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa: her life
Mother Teresa in photographs
Mother Teresa's 1994 Address to the National Prayer Breakfast
My Favourite Person - Mother Teresa: Some of her famous sayings
Learning About Leonardo
The John F. Kennedy Website


About Internet Relay Chat

ICQ - World's Largest Internet Online Communication Network
NewIRCusers Table of Contents
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help
mIRC : Homepage of the IRC Chat client mIRC

Places to Chat

NASA Live from Mars - Live Interactions with Researchers
Mirabilis LTD. - ICQ Chat Rooms
Kidsworld - IRC for kids

Community Activism

LibertyNet: Linking People and Information in the Philadelphia Region
LibertyNet's Community Internet Access Program
Institute for the Study of Civic Values, Philadelphia
Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities Internet Home Page
NonProfit Gateway
Critical Path AIDS Project--AIDS Treatment Information, AIDS Research Information, AIDS Prevention Information
Nonprofit Technology Resources Home Page, designed by Dave Butler
Secret No More: subject guide to thousands of FBI files that are now publicly accessible
LOVEARTH: Stop Cassini Mission
Education & Vigilance Network
Michael Schelling: Advocating for Children
The Sticky Wicket: Poverty's Home Page - 08/03/97
Housing Association of Delaware Valley - Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Committee of Seventy
Philadelphia Committee of 70 - Governance Matters: School Reform for the Urban District
Bucks County Peace Center: Non-violent Conflict Resolution, Langhorne PA
Idealist: Action Without Borders Homepage
Natural Life Internet Web Site
NetDay Information
Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty: Summer 1996 Newsletter
Welcome to the Pennsylvania Fringe
Philadelphia National People's Campaign
Grassroot Queers Philadelphia
Dave Butler's Volunteer Partners Page for Community Activists

Computer Buyer's Info

Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine

Computer Help

Experts Exchange Home Page
Learn How to Build Your Own Computer
No Wonder Computer Support: FREE 24-hour technical assistance


America's Job Bank
AboutWork -- The ultimate career community resource; chat, find jobs, run a business and network with experts
Dave Butler's outdated and disorganized Employment Resources page

Foreign Language Resources

French Language

Holy Redeemer Catholic School/Resource Centre/French Language Resources

Portuguese Language

Sociedade da Informação

Spanish Language

Día Internacional de la Paz 1997
Nueva Utopia, Ciudad Virtual de la Paz


School Gardens

Geography, Maps

Washoe County Library - Map Room

Gospel Music

Musictus Homepage - Italian Gospel Music
Philadelphia Gospel Seminars Home Page, designed by Dave Butler
Dave Butler on Gospel-L: Electronic Mailing List for Gospel Music Discussion

Governmentt Internet Resources

Federal Yellow Pages (body)
HOME PAGE: The Administration for Children and Families
Federal Organizations: Internet and Electronic Dial-Up Bulletin Board System Activities
Philadelphia's Committee of Seventy - Ballot

Internet Guides

Internet Scout Project sponsored by the National Science Foundation
NetLearn: Internet Learning Resources Directory
Internet Guidebooks/Resources for Beginners
Newbie-U: New User University
Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps List
The Online Handbook
The Online World resources handbook
Search Insider

Usenet News Groups and Programs

Dave Butler's Guide to Usenet News Groups
Free Agent Newsreader
Unofficial Agent Mirror Site

Internet Service Providers

Delphi Internet Services
Erol's Internet: The Fastest Way To The World!
MCI Online Customer Service Demo
The List | Search | Area Code 215 Philadelphia Vicinity
InfoWatch Internet Services
What makes a good ISP?
A Pathfinder for Finding an ISP
RES-Links: Servers/Sites/Business/Providers(ISP)
Bee.Net Services and Rates - Dial-in Packages

Kidlink: Global Community for 10-15-year-olds, teachers & other adult coordinators

KIDLINK: Global Networking for Youth 10-15 (English language)
KIDLINK: Red Global Para Jóvenes de 10 a 15 años (Spanish)
Kidproj Country Capitals 97
KIDPROJ's Multi-Cultural Calendar
KIDPROJ: Virtual Trek in a Sumatran Rainforest
KIDLINK Internet Relay Chat
KIDLINK: Using IRC Chats to Enhance the Curriculum
KIDLINK IRC Adult Registration
Kidlink: Kidart directory (gopher)
KIDLINK-A: Sharing
You are now visiting KIDLINK KIDCLUB


Kids Hangouts (pages written for kids)

NASA K-12 Internet Initiative
Berit's Best Sites For Children
Skokie IL Public Library: Internet Sites for Kids
Yahoo! - School Bell:Homework Answers
Homework Help
BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Welcome to Kino's Storytime
Berenstain Bears - Learning & Fun
Kidz Online
KidsCom for 6-15-year-old kids
KIDPROJ's Multi-Cultural Calendar
Kidproj Virtual Eritrea project
Ontario Science Centre: Home Page
Kids Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
On-line Sites for Girls, Girls, Girls
50+ Great Sites recommended for preschool-elementary age children & their parents by librarians who work w children
Kids Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
The Cyberspace Middle School
The Teel Family Web Site
Enchanted Forest Newsletter
Steve's Interesting Places for Kids
Cyberkids Home
The Theodore Tugboat Online Activity Centre
Jake and Justin's home page
Welcome to Kidweb!!!

Kids in Cyberspace (pages written by kids)

Welcome to KidsWorld!
Project: Avalanch - Login
The Friendly Grrrls Guide to the Internet
Just Because We Have A disAbility Doesn't Mean We Byte!
Welcome to Kids World
Ashland Independent Schools

Library Advocacy

Universal Service: Pennsylvania
Welcome to The Finance Project

Mailing Lists

Liszt, the mailing list directory
American Library Association: How to Find Mailing Lists
All Listserv worldwide known mailing lists
Dave Butler's Guide to Electronic Mailing Lists


Cyber Psychic Forum
What Time Is It Around the World?
Timezone Converter (CGI/1.0 URL)
NetGuide: TravelGuide Snapshot
The official TINTIN site - Le site officiel de TINTIN
SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
Dave Butler: Network Administration

Native Americans

Native America
Division of Tribal Services (US Dept of Health & Human Svc)

News Services

Metaplus Headlines: Worldwide Press Directory
Yahoo!'s Picks of the Week
American Journalism Review NewsLink
CRAYON: CReAte Your Own Newspaper free news service
Thunder & Lightning News Service


Philadelphia Institutions

The Free Library of Philadelphia
NetDay Philadelphia School District
LibertyNet: Linking People and Information in the Philadelphia Region
Official Philadelphia Website
Philadelphia Online, home of Phila Inquirer & Daily News

Philadelphia Schools in American School Directory

American School Directory

19141 Zip Code: Philadelphia Schools in American School Directory

Birney Elementary School
Central High School
Howe Elementary School
Jay Cooke Middle School
Joseph Pennell Elementary School
Logan Elementary School
Our Lady Of Hope
Phila High School For Girls
Prince Hall Elementary School
Saint Benedict School
Widener Memorial School

19144 Zip Code: Philadelphia Schools in American School Directory

Amy Northwest Intermediate School
Fitler Academics Plus School
Fulton Elementary School
Germantown Friends School
Germantown High School 187610
Germantown High School 187682
Green Tree School Lower Campus
Greene Street Friends School
Growing Light Day School
High Street Christian Academy
J Wister Elementary School
John B Kelly School
Lingelbach Elementary School
Lotus Academy
Pennsylvania School For The Deaf

Search the Internet

Northern Light Search
Deja News
AltaVista: Main Page
Curt's Comprehensive Resource Tools
Welcome to Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool
SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
Dave Butler's Search Internet Page

Telecommunications Act of 1996

New Universal Service Guide (6-24-97) from NTIA

Web Site, How to Make Your Own

Browser-Safe Colors Organized By Hue (Colors), With Hex and RGB Callouts - SKDesigns
FREE - Your Own Web Site: Join GeoCities
GeoCities File Manager
Summary of HTML Tags
Color Cube: Netscape Colors for web page coding
Image Tools
THE Netscape Frames Tutorial
Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer
Building a Web Site That Works: TENET K-12 Schools on the Web
SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
Clipart Sites: Web-Based Instruction Resource Site
Search for clip art, photos, and more!
MediaBuilder - Animated GIF of the Day 10/16/97
MediaBuilder - Web Design
GIF Wizard from Raspberry Hill Publishing
Animated GIF Finder
FREE Animated GIFs and Home Page of Michael G. Shaikun
The Corporation: Icon Gallery
SYSTRAN Software HTML Translation Page
Introduction to HTML and URLs
ADV-HTML Mailing List Archive at UA
Reading on the Web (Alertbox October 1997)
Getting Started on the Internet: creating an Internet presence for your business

Women's Sites

Women's Books Online - A Cooperative Book Review
WITI Campus - Women in Technology International
AMAZON CITY * Museum of Women in Science & Technology
Welcome to Life Soup

Dave Butler's Guide for Children, Librarians, Parents, and Teachers

Guide for Children, Librarians, Parents, and Teachers

Dave Butler's Guide for Children, Librarians, Parents, and Teachers

Guide for Children, Librarians, Parents, and Teachers