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September 2003, with new pictures! The Baseball pages, New Events page and More Pictures page are all updated. Soccer and Basketball will be updated by the end of the year and early next year.

Welcome to the Carter Home Page. You will find the boys activities on these pages. They snowboard, swim, play soccer, baseball and basketball. There are many pictures to view and information to get caught up on. The site is finally updated!

Both of the boys now have their own baseball page. You can access them from the baseball page. You can also get to them with the following links. There are brand new pictures of Matthew in his most recent games from this last 2003 season! Enjoy!

There are also brand new pictures of Michael in his most recent games from this last 2003 season. Enjoy the pictures.

The soccer page will be updated at the end of the year with this pictures from this season.

Please browse around and enjoy. If you have any suggestions on anything to add, let me know.

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