bullet Patricia MOLICA(345) was born in Warwick, New York, USA.

She was married to Roland W. NEUDERT. Children were: Allison NEUDERT, Laurie NEUDERT.

bullet Philip MOLICA(346) (347) was born on Jan 29 1892 in Messina, Italy. He was naturalized on Jan 30 1922 in Boston, Massachusetts.(346) He resided 59 I St in Jan 1930 in South Boston, Massachusetts, USA. (346) Naturalization Certificate # 1595423. Petition for Naturalization #: 5056_9Philip immigrated to the USA with his brother Salvatore. He lived in Boston. Parents: Antonino MOLICA .

He was married to Josephine UNKNOWN.

bullet Ross MOLICA(317) resided in 1992 in Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, USA. Parents: Unknown MOLICA .

bullet Salvatore MOLICA(346) (346) was born on Jan 3 1891 in Gioiosa Maria, Italy. He resided 615 East 2nd St in Oct 1918 in South Boston, Massachusetts, USA (Camp Devens). (346) He was naturalized on Oct 29 1918 in Boston, Massachusetts.(346) He died in May 1978 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.(348) He was a Soldier (Iron Cutter).(346) Naturalization Certificate #: 1001807. Petition for Naturalization #: 38206. Unmarried at time of naturalization.

Thu September 28 2000 - 15:30:20
Name: Anthony J Molica Jr
Hudson, NH
Email: ajmolica@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: www.molicamusic.com
My grandfather Salvatore was born in Gioiosa Marea Sicily in 1891. He had 6 younger brothers and a sister. 4 of his 6 brothers same to the US in the early 1900s. Some moved to Chicago, one moved to South America (hence the Brazilian Mollicas), and Sal and his brother moved to Boston. Everyone spelled their last name Mollica, my grandfather used one L. My family extends with my Dad Lanny (Sal's son) who brought up a family of 6 children in Woburn in thew 60s,70s. Now it's my family in Hudson NH, and my only brother Michael Molica lives who in Peabody. Are you related? Parents: Antonino MOLICA .

He was married to Emily D'ANDREA on Feb 20 1920. (349) Children were: Anthony Joseph "Lanny" MOLICA Sr.

bullet Salvatore MOLICA(172) resided in 1992 in Toms River, Ocean, New Jersey, USA. Parents: Unknown MOLICA .

bullet Sharon MOLICA(128) resided in 1993 in Yuba City, California, USA. Parents: Benamin F. MOLICA and Dororthea UNKNOWN.

bullet Stuart MOLICA resided in 2001 in Hawaii, USA.(350) Parents: Unknown MOLICA.

bullet Theodore MOLICA(351) Not sure [which of Salvatore's brothers] went to Brazil, it's speculated that possible Theodore went there. No contact was ever made of this brother after he left for Brazil. I do know that Molica's live in Brazil, and it's likely that they are unknown cousins.
Parents: Antonino MOLICA.

bullet Tina MOLICA(172) Parents: Unknown MOLICA.

She was married to Unknown LANDI .

bullet Unknown MOLICA(352) resided in 1996 in Dennisport, Massachusetts, USA.

He was married to Angelina PADULA .

bullet Unknown MOLICA

He was married. Children were: Mary Antoinette MOLICA, Ida MOLICA, Alberta MOLICA, Salvatore MOLICA, Tina MOLICA, Ann MOLICA.

bullet Unknown MOLICA

He was married. Children were: James Joseph MOLICA, Carl MOLICA, Joseph MOLICA, Ross MOLICA, Clair MOLICA.

bullet Unknown MOLICA was living in 1998 in Saint Augustine, Florida, USA. (353)

bulletUnknown MOLICA(354).

He was married to Sandra TSINTGIRAS.

bullet Unknown MOLICA

He was married. Children were: Gloria MOLICA , Frank MOLICA, Gregory MOLICA , Curtis MOLICA, Stuart MOLICA , Monica MOLICA.

bullet MOLLICA

He was married to Unknown RICCIARDI. (355) Children were: Vincenza MOLLICA , Santa MOLLICA, "Stoney" MOLLICA.

bullet "Emanuele" MOLLICA(1) Parents: Giuseppe MOLLICA and "NINEH".

bullet "Stoney" MOLLICA(356) Parents: MOLLICA and Unknown RICCIARDI.

bullet A. MOLLICA was born about 1890. She immigrated on Jun 26 1893 to New York, New York.(357) Passenger's Name: Mollica, A.
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Occupation: Child
Literate: Unknown
Village/Last Residence: Unknown
Country: Italy

Date of Arrival: Jun. 26, 1893
Final Destination: New York
Purpose for Travel: Staying in USA, but not a citizen of USA

Ship's Name: Werra
Captain's Name: Pohle
Manifest I.D. Number: 82448
Port of Embarkation: Genoa
Mode of Travel: Cabin
Parents: Unknown MOLLICA and Mat. UNKNOWN.

bullet Aaron MOLLICA(159) was born on Sep 23 1991. He died on Feb 5 1998. He had Social Security Number 280-98-9587. (159) SSN issued in Ohio in 1995

bullet Abbie MOLLICA(3) Parents: Rocky MOLLICA and Cheryl WHITE.

bullet Abele MOLLICA was born about 1862 in Floridia, Italy. He immigrated on Mar 24 1883 to New York, New York.(358) Passenger's Name: Mollica, Abele
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Occupation: Laborer
Literate: Unknown
Village/Last Residence: Unknown
Country: Italy

Date of Arrival: Mar. 24, 1883
Final Destination: USA
Purpose for Travel: Staying in USA, but not a citizen of USA

Ship's Name: Alsatia
Captain's Name: Griffiths
Manifest I.D. Number: 8172
Port of Embarkation: Naples
Mode of Travel: Steerage

bullet Adam MOLLICA Parents: John MOLLICA.

bullet Adele MOLLICA(1) Parents: Giuseppe MOLLICA and "NINEH".

bullet Adelina MOLLICA(359) Died at age 2. Parents: Andrea MOLLICA and Elisa UNKNOWN.

bullet Adolfo MOLLICA(1) Parents: Giuseppe MOLLICA.

bullet Adriana MOLLICA(6) was born on Oct 5 1934 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA. Parents: Antonio (Anthony) MOLLICA and Maria Guiseppe LAZZARA .

bullet Adriano MOLLICA(360) Parents: Mario MOLLICA and Concetta UNKNOWN.

bullet Agostina MOLLICA(33) was born about 1871 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Parents: Pietro MOLLICA and Giuseppina VERDICHIZZI.

She was married to Antonino MANFRE on Jun 21 1893. (33)

bullet Agostino MOLLICA(33) was born before 1807 in Ustica, Sicily. Parents: Filippo MOLLICA and Grazia SPEZIALE.

He was married to Nunziata BERTOLO on Apr 29 1825 in Ustica, Sicily.(33) Children were: Grazia MOLLICA, Leonarda MOLLICA, Filippo MOLLICA, Filippo MOLLICA, Vita MOLLICA.

bullet Albert MOLLICA(21) was born in 1910 in New York. Parents: Tony MOLLICA and Bessie UNKNOWN.

bullet Albert MOLLICA(159) was born on Nov 8 1913. He resided in 1973 in Brooklyn, King's County, New York, USA. (159) He died in May 1973. He had Social Security Number 132-07-8168. (159) SSN issued in New York before 1951.

bullet Alexander MOLLICA(159) was born on Jun 10 1910. He resided in 1978 in Clinton, Massachusetts. (159) He died in Jun 1978. He had Social Security Number 031-03-9614. (159) SSN issued in Massachusetts before 1951. Last benefit mailed to Clinton, MA, ZIP 01510.

bullet Alexander MOLLICA(1) Parents: William MOLLICA.

bullet Alexandra MOLLICA(3) was born on Mar 18 1991. Parents: Mark William MOLLICA and Kimberly BUSFIELD.

bullet Alfio J. MOLLICA was living in Mar 2000 in Hudson, Florida, USA. (361) Parents: Alfonso C. MOLLICA and Elena BOUNGUSTO.

bullet Alfonso MOLLICA(159) was born on Jun 13 1921. He died in Feb 1955. He resided in 1995 in Pueblo, Colorado. (159) Zip 81005. He had Social Security Number 525-54-4457. (159) SSN issued in New Mexico before 1951.

bullet Alfonso C. MOLLICA(362) was born on Jul 19 1904 in Gioiosa Maria, Italy.

He was married to Elena BOUNGUSTO Late 1920s in New York City, New York, USA. (363) Alfonso and Elena came to the USA aboad the San Giovanniin 1926, but did not know each other. They settled in Ozone Park, NY, USA and met at work in New York City. Children were: Henrietta MOLLICA , Vivian MOLLICA, Ina MOLLICA , Concetta MOLLICA, Stella MOLLICA, Alfio J. MOLLICA, Charles MOLLICA.

bullet Alphonso MOLLICA(3) was born in Guaratingueta, Sao Paolo, Brazil. Parents: Braz MOLLICA.

Children were: Braz MOLLICA.

bulletAlphonso Anthony MOLLICA(364). Parents: Giuseppe MOLLICA and Rosa ARMANI.

bulletAlyssa MOLLICA(1). Parents: William MOLLICA.

bulletAmadeo MOLLICA. Parents: Daniel "Dan" MOLLICA and Philomena UNKNOWN.

bulletAmelia MOLLICA(6) was born about 1895 in Slovakia, Hungary. Parents: John MOLLICA and Mary Magelena RAJCAN.

bullet Amy MOLLICA(3) was born in 1961. Parents: Russell MOLLICA and Patricia UNKNOWN.

bullet Amy MOLLICA(3) Parents: Rosario MOLLICA and Chris SPACHACZ.

She was married to Mark DECLEMENTE. Children were: Marissa DECLEMENTE.

bullet Andrea MOLLICA(1) died Deceased. Parents: Dionisio Salvatore MOLLICA.

Children were: Dionisio MOLLICA.

bulletAndrea MOLLICA(365).

He was married to Elisa UNKNOWN. Children were: Michele MOLLICA, Gino MOLLICA, Pietro MOLLICA, Maria MOLLICA, Adelina MOLLICA.

bullet Andrea MOLLICA Parents: Michele MOLLICA and Rita DEVELLIS.

Children were: Elisa MOLLICA .

bulletAndrew MOLLICA(3). Parents: James MOLLICA and Sheila MARS.

bulletAndrew MOLLICA(3) (366) was born in 1915. He died in 1985. (367) Andrew is Antonio Palmerio's half-brother. Parents: Antonio MOLLICA and Mary Kaseyak NOVAK.

He was married to Mary TESKY in 1935. (368) Children were: Andrew "Bobby" MOLLICA, Maryanne MOLLICA, Peter MOLLICA, Anthony MOLLICA, Linda MOLLICA.

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