We are located on the Gulf Coast of Florida in zone 9. My husband, Cory, and I have been happily married for 19 years. We have been blessed with three incredible children whom we homeschool. My passion is growing tropical edibles, including fruits, nuts, herbs and spices. The more exotic the plant, the more I want it!

You will see from the photographs that we seem to be able to grow almost anything we desire on our property. We have been richly blessed with a very fertile 1 2/3 acres. Our property is professionally landscaped and all of our edibles are worked in as though they "belong".

I work in my garden a couple of hours a day on average and add new and exciting plants continuously during favorable weather. I don't add much during the hot summer months, so I will be winding down here within the next month or so and will not start planting again until fall.

Two years ago our house underwent a massive renovation. It was selected at the 2008 ASID Designer Showcase Home and we had 23 designers (one for each room) who worked with us to create a masterpiece. Construction took 6 months and 10 days from start to finish - a project that should have taken almost 2 years! It was opened to the public for $20 per person and all proceeds went to the local Boys & Girls Clubs. ASID raised tens of thousands of dollars for the children, and we were blessed with a showhouse of a home. I have included photos of our home, before and after the renovation.

I am currently working on a book about growing edibles in zones 9-10. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. If you have information that you think would be helpful to me, I would also love to hear from you.

I do not sell any of my plants. However, if you have any of the items I am looking for on my "wants" page, please contact me. I would love to work out a trade with you or will purchase the plants. If you have something you think I would be interested in that is not on my wants page, please email and tell me about it. I'm always looking for something different!

Brew a cup of tea and plan to stay on my site for quite awhile while you relax and enjoy the beauty of our tropical paradise.

May God bless you always!

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Showhouse Before & After
Photos of our home before and after construction
Culinary Herb Garden
Delicious herbs & spices for your kitchen
Medicinal Herb Garden
A pharmacy in the ground
Mint Tea Garden
Mints and other tea herbs
Shade & Fragrant Garden
Some of the most wonderful aromas in the world are here
Exotic Tropical Fruits
Some of the most delicious and unusual fruits are grown here
Stone Fruits, Mangos, Avacados & Such
Northern fruits like apples, peaches, plums, as well as tropicals like mangos, avacados, etc
Rose Garden
Many varieties of roses
Citrus Grove
There are some unusual varieties here, as well as olive
Berries & Cherries
Also grapes, guavas, strawberry fruits and more..
Our Sulcatta Tortoise, Shelly
We raised her from the size of our palm to about 75 pounds now
My "WANT" List - Plants, seeds, books, etc. that I am looking for
Our homeschool blog

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