Mr. and  Mrs. Shults



I am Mrs. Shults.  My name is Carolyn.

I am sixty two years old and have been married to Mr. Shults for forty-two years.  Although I'm not widely known or recognized for any important achievements, our co-workers, friends and family recognize one significant, outstanding accomplishment.

I have not "disposed" of Mr. Shults!

Mr. Shults, Jack, is the love of my life.

He is kind and  thoughtful.  He is a gentleman.

He is unique.  He is a dreamer.  He is an optimist, and a romantic.
He is strong, positive, and confident.

He is my biggest supporter.

I am his partner.  I am the Queen of his kingdom.

I Am The Wind Beneath His Wings

Mr. Shults is also disorderly and disorganized.

 His reason is inconsistent with any logic that I can understand.

His behavior is governed by precepts known only to himself.

Jack is a sociable, entertaining, verbose, story teller.

He is perplexing.  He is enigmatic.

He is a mess ...... but he's my best friend!

She loves me, she loves me not ....... it matters little, I'm what she's got!

  Mr. Shults always forgets his mistakes.
He says that there is no point in both of us remembering the same thing!



I am Mr. Shults.  My name is Jack.

Mrs. Shults is indeed the queen of my kingdom.  She is an amenable, passive helpmate.   I am the head of our household and I make the major decisions.  I decide when to bathe and brush my teeth.   I wear the pants in the family because she lays them out for me.  We do have differences, but we live in harmony because of  mutual respect and consideration for each other.  She smokes cigarettes and I chew tobacco.  She doesn't blow smoke in my face and I don't spit in her eye!  She doesn't mess with my equipment (my truck, my tractor, my hay baler) and I don't mess with her equipment (the stove, the vacuum cleaner, the washer/dryer).  Mrs. Shults and I have an agreement.  If I provide adequate life insurance, she won't bring another man to my funeral.  I, on the other hand, will require another woman to lay my clothes out for me so that I can attend her funeral.

(Please send applications via email.)

Applicant must be computer literate.

Mrs. Shults sometimes complains that I don't listen ... at least I think that's what she said!

I don't have a guest book.

If you have something to say ..... send me an email!

It's easy just click on the mailbox.



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