Date of Birth: August 29th 1959
Place of Birth: La Rioja, Province of La Rioja, Argentina
Titles won with River Plate:
As a Player:
* Metropolitan 1979
* National 1979
* Metropolitan 1980
* National 1981
* Opening 1991
As a Manager:
* Opening 1996
* Closing 1997
* Opening 1997
* Libertadores de América Cup 1996
* Supercup 1997
The "Bald" Díaz started his football career at the
lower divisions of River Plate. He made his debut in
1978, when Angel Amadeo Labruna gave him a chance. He
remained in the team until the year 1982, when he was
transferred to the Italian team Nápoli, and later on
to the Internazionale de Milan. After passing through
the French team Mónaco, he returned to River Plate in
1991, and that same year he won the local tournament.
In 1992 he went to the Japanese team Yokohama Marinos,
where he ended his career as a football player. He
returned later, but this time as River Plate's coach.
Altogether he scored 85 goals wearing the millionaire's
uniform, and he was part of the team that won three
tournaments in a row for the second time in the club's
history between 1979 and 1980. The "Bald" also had a
glorious time inside the Argentinian national team,
which he helped win the Youngsters World Cup in Japan
in 1979, where he was considered one of the biggest
players along with Diego Armando Maradona. He also was
part of the Argentinian national team World champion
in 1978, he also was part of the one that played the
World Cup of Spain '82.
As Ramón Angel Díaz returned to River Plate to be
the team's coach in 1995, he was rejected by the
football media and very criticized due to his lack
of experience. The following year he became Latin
America champion for the second time in River's
history by winning the Libertadores Cup against
the América de Cali. And thus started one more
golden period for the millionaire, by winning three
local tournaments in a row for the third time in
the club's history and the last Supercup ever to
be played, which was the only trophy River Plate
was missing in its showcase. Happiness could not
be perfect because River lost the Intercontinental
Cup final to the Juventus in Tokio. However, all
of the tournaments won by Ramón Angel Díaz made him
the second coach who won more titles behind Angel
Amadeo Labruna, and it also made him "Argentina's
second famous man from La Rioja" (the first one is
Argentina's former president).
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