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Welcome to Dreadl-Kal. Here are some of the ground-rules for playing in my PBEM. Please read the welcome area before deciding to submit a character.

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A Day in Kron

A short story based in the city of Kron. Some of the themes which will be used in the game are in the story. If you are not comfortable with these themes, do not submit a character.

A brief history of Dreadl-Kal

Herein is a brief history of Dreadl-Kal. This document contains only that information which residents of the Eastern Seaboard would know, not the entire history of Dreadl-Kal. Full information on the past of Dreadl-Kal is available only from specialists or by searching yourself.

The Religions of Dreadl-Kal

This document contains brief descriptions of the religions and dieties of Dreadl-Kal. Any player wishing to become a cleric of one of the gods should contact me in order to get a better description of the religion and the deity. This page has links to pages on each deity of Dreadl-Kal, and some other creatures. The pantheon plays an important part in Dreadl-Kal, so it is useful for non-cleric characters to have a grasp of the religions of Dreadl-Kal as well.

The Caravan Companies

One of the factors which makes the Eastern Seaboard safe has been the establishment of Caravan Companies. The three largest caravan companies, IBM, DEC and Apple have headquarters in Kron, but serve all of the Eastern Seaboard as well as some of the lands in the South and West. There are hundreds of other smaller caravan companies which will sometimes have cheaper prices and a more personal touch, but which may not have a full range of services.

The Races

The races of Dreadl-Kal are the standard ones from the Players Handbook. However, more information is available from these pages, such as the political, social and religious part each race plays. The major sub-races are described, and other information which a player may need in order to choose a race can be found in these pages.

The Guilds

Each of the major classes has specific requirements for training. Here can be found information on training, and dues, as well as some information on the guilds themselves.


Phoenix is a site for those interested in PBeM games of all genres. I am considering moving this game to one of the lists there, so that lurkers can follow along in the story. I have found the discussion groups to be useful as well.


About me

Here is some information on me and my wife, Munira. Not necessary for the game, but may be of interest.


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