Submission for Clarification on # 142 Daniel Boon Goodin


     I'd like to correct a mistake which was made on the Dyer County, TN 1891 census. I don't think it was a transcription mistake by you because I have seen the census myself yrs ago in the Dyersburg library but knew who's name I was looking for when I noticed it. I'm hoping that you could possibly make a correction or notation next to the name as to the correct surname. If it were a spelling error made by the enumerator it would not bother me because we all know spelling does not always mean it's a different family. I think it is possible that the enumerator made a big mistake in this case because the surname is completely different and I know for a fact that it is wrong.

     In the 1891 TN census for District 11 # 142  you'll notice my great- great- grandfather as Dan Boon Goodin. His last name was Joslin [not Goodin] and if you look a few names down you will see some of his sons with the correct spelling not to mention there are several of his son-in laws above and below his name, Hardwick.

     I've been researching my mothers maiden name, Joslin, for approx 6 yrs now, with several visits to Dyersburg as well as Memphis library. I have copies of will's census records etc which can show you this man is Daniel Boon Joslin. You wont find him in the 1910 census because he died in 1901. I have pictures of his headstone in the old Finley cemetery there in Dyer county as well as many other things so if you are in need of proof I will be glad to send anything I have on him, even his picture.)  All I ask is for you to please at least make a notation that his last name is Joslin. I'm trying to save future generations the trouble of what i went through to find this out.

 Submitted by Eddie Griffin

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