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Hello! My name is Susanna and you have stumbled across my web site. It has been out of date and covered in dust for quite a while now, but that is going to change. I will be sharing my love for photography and my digital camera, which I take with me almost everywhere. I enjoy using PhotoShop and other similar programs to work with my pictures, and print them myself on an Epson Photo 1270. I live with my two furry cat friends who very much enjoy being spoiled. In fact, one of them is snoring away at my feet as I type this.

I will be adding new pages, and new links to some of my favorite places. I make my home in Oregon, so perhaps I can share some of the special things I like about living here. I hope I can make your visit to my site enjoyable!

I want to dedicate this web site to all my friends and family. We support each other during the bad times, and laugh together in the good times.


My sister and Tae Kwon Do

Photos of Flowers

More Photos of Flowers

Yet More Photos of Flowers

Photos of Mt. St. Helens

More Photos of Mt. St. Helens

Yet More Photos of Mt. St. Helens

ACTIVE WORLDS / my virtual home...

My Feline Friends

My Cats, Velcro and Edsel

John Lennon imagined...

Whew! I have been making a lot of changes and additions to this web site. I have been double and triple-checking all the links, spelling, etc., but if you find any glitches or mistakes, please email me and let me know. Also, any suggestions for improvements are very welcome. It won't take long for you to notice that I really like my digital camera. If you have any comments on Nikon CoolPix 990s, photography, digital cameras in general, or my photos in particular, don't be bashful, speak up! I freely admit to being an obvious amateur, but I do love photography and computers. Please come visit again soon. There's plenty more to come, ready or not!

email to: lady@susanna.com


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