He Kono - An Invitation to Give Back to Hawai`i, Hawaiian Culture & Aloha

He Kono - An Invitation

Melenio Aloha iā `Oe!
Aloha Millenium to You!

May you greet the dawn of a new millenium with
a cleansed heart,
mana-filled with Aloha.


Lili`uokalani (1838-1917), the last queen of Hawai`i,
shared her thoughts on heartfelt (real) Aloha with her people:

"And wherever [the Hawaiian] went, he said 'Aloha' in meeting or in parting.

'Aloha' was a recognition of life in another. If there was life, there was mana [spiritual essence/energy], goodness and wisdom, and if there was goodness and wisdom, there was a God-quality. One had to recognize the 'God of Life' in another before saying 'Aloha', but this was easy.

Life was everywhere-- in the trees, the flowers, the ocean, the fish, the birds, the pili grass, the rainbow, the rock--in all the world was life -- was God -- was Aloha. Aloha, in its gaiety, joy, happiness, abundance. Because of Aloha, one gave without thought of return; because of Aloha, one had mana.

Aloha had its own mana. It never left the giver, but flowed freely and continuously between giver and receiver.

'Aloha' could not be thoughtlessly or indiscriminately spoken, for it carried its own power. No Hawaiian could greet another with 'Aloha' unless he felt it in his own heart.

If he felt anger or hate in his heart, he had to cleanse himself before he said 'Aloha'."

Cultural experts warn us:
"Killing the language kills the culture."

In the new millenium, we are consciously:

- speaking Hawaiian daily, be it a word or a phrase, however clumsily or fluently

- learning something new that is Hawai`i-related

- reading and memorizing words of wisdom (`ōlelo no`eau)

- writing Hawaiian, even if its just a word or two

- singing Hawaiian from the na`au (gut)and the pu`uwai(heart)

- listening to Hawaiian, sung and spoken

- dancing in Hawaiian (hula)

- praying in Hawaiian (pule)

- thinking in Hawaiian (mana`o Hawai`i)

- revering that which feeds, ka `āina (land, sky, sea, air)

- honoring na~kupūna/`aumākua (elders/ancestors) by listening,

heeding and acquiring their wisdom and guidance

- and recognizing the God-quality in ourselves and others.

Our giving back is so small.
But our Aloha is so HUGE.
We intend to keep Hawaiian
a living language,
our culture vibrant,
and our Aloha flowing
into the new

You are invited to join us,
if you wish.

You are

"Let there be Aloha on Earth and let it begin with me."
If you are moved to share this with or forward this to
those for whom you feel Aloha or
with Aloha for Hawai`i,
go right ahead.
"No need ask."


Aloha Kākou!
(Aloha to You and Us!)