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Generalarzt der Reserve Prof.Dr.med. Gerhard Rose
Born: 30 Nov 1896 in Danzig
Died: 13 Jan 1992 in Oberkirchen
Doctorate In Medicine: 20 Nov 1922
Assistenzarzt der Reserve (01 Oct 1936); Oberarzt der Reserve (1937); Stabsarzt der Reserve (01 Apr 1940); Oberstabsarzt der Reserve (1941); Oberfeldarzt der Reserve (01 Aug 1942); Oberstarzt der Reserve (1943); Generalarzt der Reserve (01 May 1945)
Entered the Army as a One-Year-Volunteer in the 2nd Foot-Guards-Regiment (01 Apr 1914-13 Sep 1914)
Severely Wounded, in Frence Hospitals and POW (13 Sep 1914-00 May 1918)
Interned in Switzerland (00 May 1918-02 Nov 1918)
Granted Leave and and unfit for service (Disabled) (03 Nov 1918-20 Jan 1919)
Retired (20 Jan 1919)
Studies for Medicine at the University of Breslau, at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Academy Berlin and again at the University of Breslau (00 Dec 1918-1922)
At the same time, Unteroffizier in the Volunteer-Battalion Schlesien in Freikorps Roßbach (00 May 1920-00 Jul 1920)
State-Examination at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-University Breslau (15 Nov 1921)
Recieved Approval as a Doctor (16 May 1922)
Assistent at the Sanitary Institute of the University Of Breslau (1922-1923)
Assistent at the Prussian Institute for Infection-Infirmary 'Robert Koch', Berlin (1923-1923)
Assistent at the Sanitary Institute of the University Of Basel (1923-1925)
Assistent at the Anatomical Institute of the University Of Heidelberg (1925-1926)
Assistent at the Surgical Clinic of the University Of Heidelberg (1926-31 May 1929)
Regierungsarzt with the Government of the Province Of Chekiang (China) (01 Jun 1929-30 Sep 1936)
At the same time, Director of the State-Institute for Public-Health-Matters of the Province Chekiang in Hangchow, China (00 Dec 1929-1932)
At the same time, Member of the Directory of Schistosomiasis-Combating of the National-Government of China and Conferrer Medic for Health-Matters with the State-Interior-Minister of the Province Chekiang, China (1932-30 Sep 1936)
At the same time, Member of the Chinese Medical Association (1933-30 Sep 1936)
Chairman of the Parasitological Section of the Far Eastern Association for tropical Medicine (1934-30 Sep 1936)
Entered Reichs Service and Luftwaffe Reserveas Department-Director of the Tropical-Medicine Department at the Robert-Koch-Institute, Berlin and at the same time, with the Military Exercises 1936 and 1937 Representative of Military-District-Hygienist III (01 Oct 1936-08 May 1945)
At the same time, Vice-President of the Robert-Koch-Institute, Berlin (10 Feb 1943-08 May 1945)
Hygenist of the Luftwaffe with the expansion of Flak-Emplacement and Luftwaffe-Emplacements on the Westwall (1938-1938)
Hygenist with Legion Condor, Spain (1939-1939)
Consultant Hygenist and Tropical-Medic with the Chief Of Medical-Matters of the Luftwaffe, OKL (26 Aug 1939-30 Apr 1945)
At the same time, Director of Medical Services of the ethnic German Resettlement on Wolhynien, Galizia, Bessarabia and Buchenland (00 Dec 1939-1943)
Detached to Instruction-Group W and F at the Medical Academy of the Luftwaffe (25 Apr 1944-30 Apr 1945)
Department-Chief with the Chief of Medical-Matters, Wehrmacht-Medical-Chief-South, OKW (01 May 1945-08 May 1945)
In US Captivity (08 May 1945-03 Jun 1955)
Condemned to Life Imprisonment because of alleged war crimes, sentence later reduced to 15 years (19 Aug 1947)
Released from Landsberg Prison, Lech (03 Jun 1955)
Acquitted by the Federal-Disciplinary-Chamber VII, Hamburg by all accusations. Federal-Disciplinary-Lawyor Berufung Appealed against this judgement. With resolution of 8.1.1962 the judgement was waived and referred to the Federal-Disciplinary-Chamber X, Duesseldorf (24 Oct 1960)
Acquited again by the Federal-Disciplinary-Chamber X, Duesseldorf. This judgement became valid on 7.1.1964 (03 Oct 1963)

Decorations & Awards:
Ritterkreuz zum Kriegsverdienstkreuz mit Schwertern (20 Apr 1945)
Deutches Kreuz in Silber (10 May 1945)

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