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The Apex of Cub Scouting

The Arrow Of Light is the highest rank in Cub Scouting, and is the only badge of Cub Scouting rank that may be worn on the Boy Scout uniform.

To earn the Arrow of Light badge, a Cub Scout must earn the Webelos badge plus five additional Activity Badges from selected groups. The Webelos Scout must additionally satisfy five other requirements designed to prepare the boy for Boy Scouting.

Webelos Scouts that aspire to this achievement have worked very hard to get here. They deserve pomp and circumstance in an Arrow Of Light ceremony. This is probably the most significant ceremony that a Cubmaster and / or Webelos Den Leader will perform in their Scouting work. Do Your Best!

The following 35+ Arrow Of Light ceremonies focus on providing a recognition that will last a lifetime for the Scout, his family, and you as a Leader.


* AOL Ceremony Using All Ranks
Get 'em all involved.
* The Spirit of Scouting
Goodwill and doing your best.
* Akela's Arrow of Light
Let its light shine forth from you.
* AOL with Native American Style
Akela in Native American regalia.
* The Twin Archers
2 braves fire 2 arrows for each Scout.
* Arrow of Light Cutout
A cool visual aide.
* Top of the Mountain
He was radiant as he spoke.
* We'll Be Loyal Scouts
Bring honor to the Webelos tribe.
* 27 More AOL Ceremonies!
The handiwork of the masters!
* AOL Ceremony Finder
Search the Net for AOL Ceremonies



Arrow of Light Advancement Using All Ranks
Author: Unknown Scouter

Cubmaster; Bobcat, Wolf, and Bear Cub Scouts; Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award candidates and their parents.

A large reproduction of each of the five badges of rank, fastened to standards or held by each boy; Webelos badges, Arrow of Light Awards, certificates; safety pins.

Arrow of Light Award and Webelos badge candidates and their parents are on stage with the Cubmaster and three Cub Scout representatives, one for each rank.

Cubmaster: The highest rank in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light. You may ask, How does a boy reach this high goal? Well, let the Cub Scouts speak for themselves. First, a Bobcat, [name].

Bobcat: I am a Bobcat Cub Scout, a new member of the pack. I have just learned the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

Cubmaster: Next, a Wolf, [name].

Wolf: I am a Wolf Cub Scout. I have worked on Cub Scout achievements in the Wolf book. I had lots of fun in my den and pack and with my whole family as I earned my Wolf badge.

Cubmaster: A Bear, [name].

Bear: I am a Bear Cub Scout. I have been working on the advancements in the Bear book with my parents to earn my Bear badge.

Cubmaster: Beyond Bear there is the Webelos badge and the Arrow of Light Award, the highest award in Cub Scouting. Tonight we have two candidates, one for the Webelos badge and one for the Arrow of Light Award, [names].

1st Webelos Scout: I am reaching the end of the Cub Scout trail and have found that it is not an end at all, but only a beginning, leading onward and upward in the great brotherhood of Boy Scouting. In passing the Webelos badge requirements, I have learned and am ready to work on the Boy Scout requirements, and now understand more about the ideals of Boy Scouting.

2nd Webelos Scout: The Arrow of Light trail has led me to the beginning of a new adventure. In learning the Boy Scout requirements, I have found that as a Boy Scout I must continue to do my best!

Cubmaster: (If there are more than two Webelos badge or Arrow of Light Award candidates, he reads other names and asks them to come forward.) To the parents of each of these Webelos Scouts, I take great pride in presenting the Webelos badge or Arrow of Light Award for you to present to your son, so that he may wear it on his Webelos Scout uniform. The Webelos badge is worn on the left pocket, centered at the bottom to complete the diamond of cloth badges. The Arrow of Light Award is worn centered on the flap of his left shirt pocket - and later on his Boy Scout uniform. (Presents badges.) Wear them proudly, Webelos Scouts, wear them well!

These certificates are evidence of the honor you have received. (Presents certificates for badges.)

You parents will find additional enjoyment and satisfaction as you go on into Boy Scouting with your son and help him with his new adventure.



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The Spirit of Scouting
Author: Unknown Scouter

Arrow of Light Award candidates and their parents, Webelos den leader (or committee member in charge of this pack advancement ceremony).

Ceremonial board, about 18" square, with four candles: blue - spirit of Cub Scouting, white - spirit of Scouting, yellow - Arrow of Light rank, green - Boy Scout; Arrow of Light Awards and certificates; safety pins.

At the opening of the ceremony, only the white candle is lighted. The white candle is used to light the blue and yellow candles as the ceremony progresses.

Den Leader: Will the following Webelos Scouts come forward to receive the Arrow of Light Award. Please bring your parents with you. (They come forward as names are called.) You Webelos Scouts have fulfilled all the requirements for the Arrow of Light Award, the highest rank in Cub Scouting. You have also visited a Boy Scout troop and talked with the Scoutmaster.

Before you is a blue candle that represents the spirit of Cub Scouting - that spirit of giving goodwill and doing your best. (Lights blue candle.) This white candle represents the spirit of Scouting. Do you promise to fulfill the Cub Scout Promise and the Cub Scout motto, Do Your Best, when you receive the Scout badge?

Webelos Scouts: We do.

Cubmaster: Webelos Scouts have faithfully promised always to keep alive the spirit of Cub Scouting. As their parents, do you also promise to continue to help your boy in his Scouting adventures?

Parents: We do.

Den Leader: I now use the flame of the spirit of Scouting to light the yellow candle representing the Arrow of Light Award. (Lights yellow candle.) Remember that the spirit of Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting are one and the same. The spirit of the entire Scouting movement is one of service, high ideals, and fellowship.

To each of you parents I present the Arrow of Light Award and ask that you present it to your son.

This award is worn on the Webelos Scout uniform, centered on the flap of the left shirt pocket, and on the Boy Scout uniform later. (Presents certificates, awards, and safety pins, and instructs parents in pinning badges on shirts.) It is a great honor for me to greet you who have earned the Arrow of Light Award. (Gives Cub Scout handshake.) Notice that we are leaving unlighted the green candle representing a Boy Scout. This is to remind you Webelos Scouts of something yet to be enjoyed, a grand adventure that will open to each of you upon graduation from the pack. Good luck and success to you and your family in your future Scouting career.


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Akela's Arrow of Light
Author: Unknown Scouter

Cubmaster, narrator, boys, parents, two people to work the room lights and spotlight, drummer.

Webelos prop stand, Arrow of Light with stand, The Official Boy Scout Handbook, Boy Scout Eagle badge poster, council fire, spotlight, drum.

Cubmaster: Tonight we have the special privilege of witnessing the presentation of the most sought - after award in Cub Scouting, the Arrow of Light. (Lights are turned out, a drum beats slowly, the campfire is lit.)

Narrator: I, Akela, have heard the drums speak. I call to the council fire: Webelos Scouts [names], and their parents. Gather around this campfire so that the other braves may look upon you. I, Akela, have heard of your great achievements and have brought for you the reward of your deeds. Look upon the symbol that stands beside you. (Spotlight on the Webelos prop stand.)

It is empty, and before you lie symbols placed here by your leaders. I, Akela, say to you Webelos Scout [name], pick up the green arrow and place it in the left portion of the stand. Now with your left hand on the arrow, give the Cub Scout sign. Do you promise to continue to follow the trail of the Eagle, wherever it may lead you? If you do, say, I do promise. (if more than one, say, "Do each of you promise?") Webelos Scout [name], pick up the red arrow and place it in the right portion of the stand. With your left hand on the arrow, give the Scout sign. Do you now promise to obey the Scout Oath? Now, Webelos Scout [name], pick up the yellow arrow and place it in the center of the stand. With your left hand upon the shaft, give the Scout sign. Do you promise to be forever trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent? If you do, say, I do so promise. (If more than one, have all give sign and ask them to repeat, We do so promise.) Now as you look at this Webelos symbol, you see that it resembles the Scout sign. Like your three outstretched fingers, it stands for the three parts of the Scout Oath. The sides of the fleur-de-lis are like your thumb and little finger that, when brought together, stand for the bond that ties all Scouts together. Now you are ready to receive the highest award of Cub Scouting, the Arrow of Light.

Before you stands the Arrow of Light. Within the tepee of many braves, this symbol has an honored place. Its shaft is straight and narrow - just as the path that you should follow throughout your life. Its tip points the way - the way to success in all that you do. It is pointing to the right - a symbol that nothing should be left undone; if it is within your power to do it, see that it is done. And lastly, the symbol of the seven rays of the sun - one for each day of the week to remind you that every day is a new day, a day to do your best in everything. A day to honor your God and your country, to do your Good Turn, a new chance to follow the Scout law and to remember these words: ON MY HONOR. Will Cubmaster [name] hand to the parents the Boy Scout Handbook and have them pin upon their boy the Arrow of Light. Now the boys will pin upon their mom or dad the miniature Arrow of Light, and give them a big hug and kiss for all their help. Will Cubmaster [name] hand to the boys the ceremonial Arrow of Light.

Cubmaster: Each boy will hold the Arrow of Light and pass it to the next. Now that you have received the Arrow of Light, let its light shine forth from you. Promise now to set an example for others to follow in your footsteps, set your eye on the Eagle (spotlight on Eagle poster) and never waiver. Do you so promise?

Candidates: We promise.

Narrator: I, Akela, say to you, are now full-fledged Arrow of Light holders.


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Arrow of Light, Native American Style
Author: Unknown Scouter

Akela (Cubmaster), Webelos den leader, light switch operator, tom-tom beater, Arrow of Light Award candidates and their parents.

Large symbol of the Arrow of Light Award made from 1-1/4" dowel painted gold and dusted with glitter; a simple candle board containing a blue, a white, and a yellow candle; Indian headdress and blanket for Akela; tom-tom; Arrow of Light Awards and certificates; safety pins.

The pack sits in a semicircle, Indian - style. Parents sit behind their sons. The Arrow of Light Award symbol is mounted as a background to the candle board.

Webelos Den Leader: Tonight we honor those Webelos Scouts who have completed the requirements for the Arrow of Light Award, the highest rank in Cub Scouting.

Will the following Webelos Scouts come forward with their parents. (Announces Arrow of Light candidates, then lights the blue candle, as the room lights are dimmed or turned off. The tom-tom beats offstage. Akela, the Cubmaster, appears in Indian costume and stands partly facing the pack and the Arrow of Light candidates.)

Akela: Many moons ago these braves joined the Webelos tribe to enjoy the fun and advancement activities of the Cub Scout trail. To become a Webelos Scout each boy had to fulfill certain requirements. You Cub Scouts have learned to follow Akela, which means the leadership of your Cubmaster, parents, teachers, Webelos den leader, or others who are striving to help you become good citizens. Now you have earned the Arrow of Light Award. All these people have guided you along the Scouting trail. (Points to the candles.)

The blue candle represents your experiences as Cub Scouts. The white one reveals a bright new trail ahead filled with many thrilling Boy Scout experiences. The yellow candle is to remind you that a little work, along with good hearty fun, can produce rich rewards.

I am pleased to present this Arrow of Light Award to you with the help of your parents. (Presents awards and certificates to the parents. The Webelos den leader hands them a safety pin, which one parent uses to pin the award to the left pocket flap of the boy's shirt.)

Good luck as you enter Boy Scouting. Keep advancing, and remember that a good Scout makes a good citizen.


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The Twin Archers
Author: Unknown Scouter

Akela, medicine man; two archers (Cub Scouts); Arrow of Light candidates and their parents.

An archery target, 3 to 4 feet in diameter; a candelabra with five lighted candles representing the ranks of Cub Scouting; bow and arrows for each archer (arrows are later presented to candidates); Arrow of Light Awards and certificates; safety pins.

The target is set up at the rear of the stage, no more than 10 feet away and in such a position that no person can pass behind it; the candelabra is at the front.

Akela: Medicine Man, I understand there are those among us tonight who have earned the Arrow of Light Award. Present them to this council for proper recognition.

Medicine Man: Will the following Webelos Scouts come forward. Please bring your parents with you. (Arrow of Light candidates and their parents come forward.)

Akela: You Webelos Scouts have fulfilled all requirements for the Arrow of Light Award. This is your last step in Cub Scouting before entering Boy Scouting. You have already visited a Boy Scout troop and have talked to the Scoutmaster. Before you are the burning candles that represent the ranks of Cub Scouting. May it always be said of you, as a brave of the Webelos tribe, that you reach the top of any ladder of achievement set before you. You will soon go into Boy Scouting, there to be tested again. May you ever be successful. Will you always do your best?

Arrow of Light Candidates: We will.

Akela: I now ask that two of the best archers of the tribe come forward. As each Webelos Scout's name is called, an archer will shoot from a strong bow an Arrow of Light, signifying the highest honor that this tribe can bestow on one of its worthy braves. (Archers come forward.) Will the Webelos Scouts and their parents form a living circle. (Akela may coach parents.) As the Arrow of Light speeds to its target may you remember that the spirit of Cub Scouting and of Boy Scouting are one and the same. The spirit of the entire Scouting movement is one of service, high ideals, and fellowship. (At this point the name of each candidate is announced slowly and with dignity by the Medicine Man, who pauses after each name until an arrow is shot. The archers retrieve their arrows and stand near Akela.)

To you parents I give the Arrow of Light Award and certificate which you will present to your son. The badge may be worn on his uniform now, centered on the flap of his left shirt pocket, and on his Boy Scout uniform later. (Presents awards.)

It is an honor for me to recognize you Webelos Scouts and to present you with these arrows. You may hang your arrow in your room to remind you of the good times we have had together in Pack [number]. (Presents arrows. The archers may assist, if necessary.)

We know that you will become worthy members of your Boy Scout troop. Boy Scouting will be a grand adventure for each of you.

Good luck!


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Arrow of Light Cutout
Author: Unknown Scouter

Webelos den leader, Arrow of Light candidate and his parents, light switch operator.

Arrow of Light cutout with electric light, Arrow of Light Award and certificate, safety pin.

The Arrow of Light cutout draws attention to center stage. It is made by cutting out the Arrow of Light from the side of a large cardboard box and pasting tissue paper behind the cutout section. A light bulb is inserted in the box. (Be careful that the bulb does not come in contact with the sides of the box.) After the Arrow of Light candidate and his parents are on stage, the house lights are dimmed or turned off.

Webelos Den Leader: Tonight we honor a Webelos Scout who has completed the requirements for Cub Scouting's highest rank, the Arrow of Light Award.

Will Webelos Scout [name] and his parents come to the front. (They do.) You have been a faithful member of our Webelos den. Soon you will graduate from Cub Scouting. You have learned the Boy Scout requirements, visited the Boy Scout troop of your choice, and secured a Boy Scout application. Tonight you receive the Arrow of Light Award. Within a short time you will be eligible to enter Boy Scouting.

You were guided in your progress through Cub Scouting's ranks by the Arrow of Light (points to it), which is this emblem. Let this Arrow of Light continue to light your way as you move onward and upward along the Scouting trail.

It is now our pleasure to present to you the Arrow of Light Award, which you may wear on the flap of your left shirt pocket of your Webelos Scout uniform. Later, you may wear it on your Boy Scout uniform. Because your father and mother came up through the ranks of Cub Scouting with you, I will hand the award to them and ask them, in turn, to present it to you. (Pause while this is carried out.)

Now, I congratulate you for the fine work you have done in Cub Scouting and extend the best wishes of the entire pack to you and your parents as you continue up the Scouting trail into Boy Scouting.


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Top of the Mountain
Author: Unknown Scouter

This is based on the story, "Climbing the Mountain" by Ernest Thompson Seton.

Cubmaster: Tonight we have the honor of presenting the Arrow of Light Award to [number] members of this pack. But before I present these awards, let me take a moment to relate an appropriate story.

Afar in our dry southwestern country was an Indian village, behind which a high mountain towered above the desert. It was considered a great feat to climb this mountain, so all the young braves of the village were eager to attempt it.

One day, the chief said, "Now, boys, you may all go today and try to climb the mountain. Start right after breakfast, and go as far as you can. Then when you are tired, come back; but each of you must bring me a twig from the place where you turned.

Away they all went, full of hope, each feeling that he surely could reach the top. Soon the first boy came slowly back, puffing and sweating. He stood before the chief, and in his hand he held a piece of cactus. The chief smiled and said, "My boy, you barely got started."

You did not reach the mountain, you did not even cross the desert. I like to think this boy is like a newly inducted Cub Scout; he has just barely started.

An hour later the second boy returned. He carried a twig of sagebrush. "Well" said the chief, "you reached the foot of the mountain, but you did not start the climb." This boy is like the Cub Scout who has earned his Bobcat badge; he has progressed on his journey but has not really started his climb.

After another hour, the third boy came back. He held out a cottonwood spray. "Good" said the chief, "you got as far as the springs." This might represent the Cub Scout who has reached the first level of his climb and received his Wolf badge.

A while later, another boy came back with some cedar. The chief smiled when he saw it, and spoke, "Well done, my boy, you went halfway up." This is like the Cub Scout who has progressed halfway up the advancement trail and earned his Bear badge.

Later in the afternoon, the next boy returned carrying a branch of pine. To him the chief said, "Good, you went to the third level. You made three - quarters of the climb. Keep on trying. Next year you will undoubtedly reach the top." The Cub Scout who has earned his Webelos badge has reached the three-quarter mark and is in sight of the top."

The sun was low when the last boy returned. He was a tall, splendid boy of noble character. He approached the chief and held up his hand. It was empty. But he was radiant as he spoke. "My father, there were no trees where I went. I saw no twigs, no living thing upon the peak. But far and away I saw other mountain peaks, and beyond them the shining sea."

Now the old chiefs face glowed as he said, "I knew it! I knew it when I looked upon your face. You have reached the top. It is written in your eyes and it rings in your voice. My boy, you need no twigs for token, you have seen the glory of the mountain."

The brave who reached the top is like the Cub Scout who has reached the top - the Arrow of Light Award. But, beyond the top are the peaks of the Boy Scouting program that must be met and climbed to reach the shining sea of adulthood. I would like now to call forward [names) and present them their Arrow of Light Award.


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We'll Be Loyal Scouts
Author: Unknown Scouter

Cubmaster, Webelos den leader, Webelos den chief, Arrow of Light Award candidates and their parents, and the pack.

Arrow of Light Awards, advancement certificates, and safety pins.

Cubmaster: Tonight we are assembled to honor those Webelos Scouts who have earned the Arrow of Light Award. Webelos has a wonderful meaning - We'll be loyal Scouts. The Arrow of Light is the highest rank a Cub Scout can reach. So, it is an honor tonight to present the Arrow of Light Award to these Webelos Scouts. We are striving to make it possible for every Cub Scout to attain this rank before he leaves the pack to go into Boy Scouting. These Webelos Scouts have brought honor to the Webelos tribe. They have diligently climbed the Cub Scouting trail. They are now ready to go on to a bigger adventure in the great brotherhood of Scouting. Webelos Den Chief [name], will you escort [names of Arrow of Light candidates] and their parents to the front. (He does so.) The parents will please stand behind their boys. Webelos Den Leader [name], you have had much to do with the progress of these Webelos Scouts. Do you think them worthy of the Webelos tribe?

Webelos Den Leader: We consider them worthy.

Cubmaster: Den Chief, are they worthy?

Den Chief: They are.

Cubmaster: Parents, you have played the most important part in developing the character of these candidates. One of the greatest purposes of Cub Scouting is to develop comradeship between parents and sons. As you have worked together your Webelos Scouts have learned to do things, to be useful, and to appreciate you. To you should go the honor of presenting your sons their awards. Our Webelos den leader will give the awards and certificates to you for presentation to your sons. Will the candidates face their parents? (Webelos den leader presents certificates, awards, and safety pins to parents. The parents then pin the awards on their boys and congratulate them.)


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Major AOL Ceremony Sites
(The works of the MASTERS!)

    Arrow of Light and Webelos Crossover - From Pack 6 in Palo Alto, CA. This ceremony is a modified version of the 7 candle ceremony from the BSA "Staging Den and Pack Ceremonies" guide.

    Two Arrow of Light Award Ceremonies - Tribe of Webelos and OA" - Two nice ceremonies from Steve TobinÍs NetWoods Virtual Campsite. The first is the "Tale of the webelos Tribe and the Great Chieftan, Akela" from Peter Van Houten and the second is "Cub Scout Arrow of Light Award Ceremony for use by O-A Units" from Cahuilla Lodge 127.

    Four Arrow of Light Ceremonies from USSSP - From the United States Scouting Service Project, this four ceremony collection includes: "Arrow of Light and Graduation Ceremony ", "Crossover Ceremony", "Rope Crossover Ceremony", and "Arrow of Light Ceremony Based on Chippera/Nahak Lodge"

    Six Arrow of Light Advancement Ceremonies - From the Mac Scouter mega-site. Check out these six ceremonies: "Arrow of Light Ceremony by Rick Clements", "Pouch Ceremony for Arrow of Light Pow-Wow 96 CGE", "A Simple AOL Ceremony by Don Izard", "OA Lodge 127 Arrow of Light Ceremony", "Top of the Mountain by Richard Juel et al", and "Burning the Scarf"

    Arrow of Light Ceremony - Algonquin Council - From the John Bemis and carried on the MacScouter site. John says: "the text that we use is from the Algonquin Council Pow Wow Book, circa 1988. The Story of the Arrow is the myth of how man was given the arrow as a reward. I will type it in, unless you can find another source. The Seven great virtues of Life is from the Staging Pack and Den Ceremonies. You can get that from the book. We use this ceremony as our Spring Webelos-to-Scout Transition membership project."

    Arrow of Light - Counting Coup - From Cub Scout Pack 339 and the Suffolk County Council Pow Wow located in Port Jefferson Station, NY. This one starts off: "Long ago the Indian braves would collect eagle feathers. Regardless of how an Indian brave accumulated feathers, he was not allowed, according to tribal law, to wear them until he won them by doing a brave deed. He had to appear before the tribal council and tell or re-enact his deed. If the council thought the brave was worthy, the brave was allowed to wear the feather in his hair or war bonnet. These honors were called "counting coop." The Indian displayed his honors on his clothing, on a banner, or on a stick."

    Arrow of Light (Another Style) - Another nice one from Suffolk County Council Pow Wow. "... can you tell me a memorable event or activity you participated in as a Cub Scout, or do you have some advice for the younger scouts? (After each boy replies, tie his rope to the rope of the boy before him. The first boy will tie his rope to the last boy's rope to make a circle. The Arrow of Light Webelos should be standing on the outside of it.) This circle represents the circle of brotherhood which is Scouting. Will the first year Webelos please come to join us now? ..... "

    Arrow of Light Ceremony - Blindfolded Candidates - Yet another one from Suffolk County Council Pow Wow. "... When the tom-tom starts, the Den Chief leads the blindfolded recipients from the back of the room to the Webelos Den Leader (in arm-to-shoulder "link up"), who then leads them to their parents. The parents then lead them (individually) to the ceremony table. ..... "

    The Russ Long AOL Ceremony Collection - Here is a collection of ten Arrow Of Light ceremonies from Russ Long in Salt Lake City, UT. Russ is serving as Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor in the Wagon Wheel District, Great Salt Lake Council. He is a Brotherhood member in the Order of the Arrow, and used to be a Fox (W-CS-37.) Great job, Russ!

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