Some GREAT crafts ideas

Dens usually provide their own table decorations. They might include a centerpiece, place mats, napkins, place cards, napkin rings, nut cups. Your local Scouting distributor has many of these items, or they can be made in den meetings from scrap materials. Although den table decorations will vary, it is usually best if each den makes essentially the same number, so there are no hard feelings.

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The program team can add a festive note by decorating the room with balloons, streamers, pennants, and a photo display of pack activities. Lively recorded music will add to the gala atmosphere.

Here are some great decorations and crafts ideas that you can make yourselves:



A souvenir program is a token of remembrance of this pleasant evening. The cover can be a simple decoration related to the banquet theme. Inside, list the program, menu, and names of pack leaders and special guests. A few facts about pack accomplishments or activities during the past year can be included.

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