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The best way to build up a Cub (or parent's!) appetite is with a little action. Right? Well, here are some ideas for some fun games that will challenge your boys in both body and mind.

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Banquet Quiz.
(Make copies for each boy and adult to complete during banquet.)

How much do you know about Cub Scouting? Can you answer the following questions?

  1. How old is Cub Scouting this year?

  2. How old is the Boy Scouts of America this year?

  3. Who was the founder of Scouting?

  4. Who started the Boy Scouts of America?

  5. What is the first rank in Cub Scouting?

  6. How many achievements are required to earn the Wolf badge?

  7. How many electives are required to earn an arrow point?

  8. How many Webelos activity badges may be earned?

  9. What is your den number?

  10. What is our pack number?

  11. What chartered organization sponsors our pack?

  12. What district are we a part of?

  13. What council are we a part of?

  14. What is the Cub Scout motto?


Over and Under Relay.
Each team is given a Cub Scout hat. The teams form rows with players one behind the other. The team leaders stand at the front of the line and hold the hats above their heads with both hands. On signal, each leader passes the hat between his or her legs. The second player passes it over his head. The third, between the legs again, and so on, over and under. The last player in line runs to the front and starts again. The first side to have the original leader run to the front wins.  


Clip It.
Each table has a small dish filled with paper clips. On signal, the first person joins two paper clips together and passes the bowl and beginning of the chain to the next person. That player adds another clip to the chain and passes it on. After a set time (5-8 minutes), the paper clip chains are held high in the air to see which group has the longest.  


Match Box Relay.
Form relay lines. First person in each line sticks an empty match box cover over his nose. He transfers it to the nose of the next player without using his hands, and so on down the line. First team to finish is the winner.  


Orange Passing Relay.
Divide into relay teams. On signal, first player in each team puts an orange beneath his chin. Without using his hands, the player next to him must get the orange from him between his own chin and neck, and so on down the line. If the orange drops to the floor, the player must pick it up and replace it under his chin before resuming play.  


People at each table form a team. Give each team a chenille stem and several buttons or wooden beads. On signal, the first person strings a button oil the stem and passes it to the next player, who does the same. Continue until all buttons are on the stem. First team to finish holds its stem in the air and yells, "We did our best!"

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The Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook

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