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This page contains the three all-time favorite Blue and Gold skits. First, seven Cubs and a narrator tell us what Scouting is all about in "The Spirit of Baden-Powell." Next, "The History of Scouting" tells the story of how a Scout's "good turn" brought Scouting to America. And finally, the perennial question: "Whats for dinner?" is answered in "Cub Scout Stew!"

The Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook

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(A Skit)

Characters: Seven uniformed Cub Scouts, carrying props described below. The narrator is in Scout uniform and wears a campaign hat.

Setting: Narrator stands in front of stage. Cub Scouts enter one at a time and speak their lines.

NARRATOR: I represent the spirit of Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting. I am also the spirit of Scouting past and present. Here is our future ... the Cub Scouts of today who will be the men of tomorrow.

FIRST CUB SCOUT: (Enters carrying a replica of a church or carrying a Bible): I like to wear my uniform to church on Scout Sunday or Sabbath in February. Many Cub Scout packs in the United States are chartered to religious organizations.

SECOND CUB SCOUT: (Enters): The two colors of the Cub Scout uniform have special meaning. The blue stands for truth and loyalty; the gold represents good cheer and happiness.

THIRD CUB SCOUT: (Enters carrying the wolf Cub Scout Book and Kipling's Jungle Book): When Cub Scouting began in England, it was based on Kipling's jungle tales. When Cub Scouting began in the United States in 1930, indian themes were used.

FOURTH CUB SCOUT: (Enters carrying woodcraft project): Cub Scouting means fun, and we have lots of fun. I like making things that are useful, or that match our monthly theme.

FIFTH CUB SCOUT: (Enters carrying nature collection): I like to go on hikes and collect things for my nature collection. Cub Scout outdoor activities are fun! We learn about the things that live and grow in our area.

SIXTH CUB SCOUT: (Enters carrying tin-can stove): I like to cook outdoors. ALL Cub Scouts like to eat! This is a cook stove we made as a Den project.

SEVENTH CUB SCOUT: (Enters carrying U.S. flag): I am proud to be an American, and I am proud of our flag. I also like our Pack flag because it reminds me that I am part of 69 years of Cub Scoouting.

NARRATOR: Yes, I represent the past and the present, but these boys - the future of our country - prove that things will be in good hands.  


(A Skit)

NARRATOR: It's a foggy night in London. The year is 1910. Mr. William D. Boyce, an American publisher and businessman is lost. (As the curtain opens Boyce is on stage, dressed in top coat, carrying brief case and umbrella. He wanders around the stage as if looking for a house number. He comes to a street light and peers at a piece of paper in his hand.)

BOYCE: I don't think I can find my way in this fog. (A Scout comes on stage dressed in an old-style uniform.)

SCOUT: May I help you sir?

BOYCE: I am looking for this address. Can you tell me where to find it? (He shows him the sheet of paper.)

SCOUT: Yes, I can take you there. (They walk to the other side of the stage.)

SCOUT: (pointing) There you are, sir.

BOYCE: Thank you very much (and pretends to hand him some money) for helping me.

SCOUT: Thank you sir, but I can't accept money. I am a Scout, and this is my good turn. (The Scout waves and walks across the stage to exit. Boyce exits on the other side.)

NARRATOR: Mr. Boyce was so impressed with this Scout that he found out more about the Scouting movement in England. He brought back to America a suitcase full of ideas and information. He incorporated the Boy Scouts of America on February 8th, 1910. The Boy Scouts of America grew by leaps and bounds. A Federal Charter was granted by Congress in 1916, an honor granted to only a few organizations. Today, Scouting is a world brotherhood, bound together by common ideals and a common oath or promise. Would you please stand with me and repeat the Cub Scout Promise?  


(A Skit)

Characters: Boy in chefs hat, any number of uniformed Cub Scouts, Den Leader.

Setting: On stage is a large kettle made form a cardboard carton. There is a short stepladder at each side for the boys to climb up to get into the kettle. Put an air mattress or other pad in the bottom of the kettle for boys to land on. As curtain opens, a boy wearing a chefs hat is standing on one of the stepladders stirring the pot with a broomstick. He holds a large piece of paper on which the word "Recipe" is written in large letters.

DEN LEADER: (entering) What are you making?

CHEF: This is a Cub Scout stew. Would you like to watch?

DEN LEADER: Yes, I would. What goes in it?

CHEF (pretends to read recipe): First, add any number of Cub Scouts who do their best. (Uniformed Cub Scouts come on stage and climb into kettle.) Then add a sense of humor. (Grinning Cub Scout wearing sign, "Humor," climbs into kettle.) Next, add a pinch of service to others. (Cub Scout wearing "Service" sign climbs into kettle.) Then add a dash of mischief. (Cub Scout wearing "Mischief" sign climbs into kettle.) And a big helping of sunshine. (Cub Scout wearing "Sunshine" sign climbs into kettle.) And last, add a ton of energy! (Cub Scout wearing "Energy" sign climbs into kettle.)

CHEF (pretends to stir): Stir well, and you have a Cub Scout stew. (Pretends to take a taste and offers a taste to den leader)

DEN LEADER: That's delicious! I'd like your recipe.

See the "Skits and Costumes" and the "Songs, Stunts, and Stories" sections of the Cub Scout Leader How-To book for more ideas.

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The Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook

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