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Uniforming for the first year of Cub Scouting


The uniform is an important part of the Scouting program. It identifies the boys and adults with Tiger Cubs and gives them a sense of belonging to the den, the pack, and the Boy Scouts of America. Most boys enjoy wearing their Tiger Cub uniform. They should wear it to all den meetings, pack meetings, and special pack activities.

The official Tiger Cub uniform is the complete blue Cub Scout uniform with identifiable and appropriate Tiger Cub insignia. This is in line with the program's continuing efforts to promote Tiger Cubs as an integral part of a Cub Scout pack.

The Tiger Cub den leader wears the official Cub Scout leader uniform, the Tiger Cub cap, and the Tiger Cub leader neckerchief.

Components of the Tiger Cub uniform are illustrated at the right and include the following:

  • Tiger Cub Cap
  • Cub Scout Long-Sleeve Shirt or...
  • Cub Scout Short-Sleeve Shirt
  • Tiger Cub Neckerchief
  • Tiger Cub Neckerchief Slide
  • Cub Scout Trousers or...
  • Cub Scout Shorts
  • Tiger Cub Belt
  • Tiger Cub Crew Socks




Official Tiger Cub Cap
Official Tiger Cub Cap
Shirt, Long Sleeve
Cub Scout Shirt, Long Sleeve
Shirt, Short Sleeve
Cub Scout Shirt, Short Sleeve
Tiger Cub Neckerchief
Tiger Cub Neckerchief
Tiger Neckerchief Slide
Tiger Cub Neckerchief Slide
Cub Scout Shorts
Cub Scout Shorts
Cub Scout Pants
Cub Scout Pants
Tiger Cub Belt
Tiger Cub Belt
Tiger Cub Socks
Tiger Cub Socks

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