Romani (Gypsy) culture and social issues.


Many individuals have contributed information, articles, books, papers, magazines, technical knowledge, time, and moral support to Patrin. I could not imagine maintaining Patrin alone, nor do I always have the time to "stay on top of things." I am always learning something new. I owe my thanks to these people for their voluntary assistance and donations. 

This is my personal thank you to the many people that have helped in one way or another, large or small, to ensure the quality of Patrin remains high. Patrin truly cannot be said to be the work of any one person, but that of many Roma activists, scholars and supporters around the globe. I list everyone alphabetically, and I hope I have not overlooked anyone. 

Marko CourbetMarko Courbet, Editor

Thomas A. Acton - University of Greenwich

Nick Adams - Gypsy Net Chat

Nina Bottaccini - Western Canadian Romani Alliance

Giuseppe Bottasini

John Brear

Claude Cahn - European Roma Rights Centre

Irka Cederberg - 
       The Swedish Institute of International Affairs

Colin Clark - University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Paddy Collis - University of Liverpool

Sam Connick

Jeremy Druker - Transitions Magazine

Mike Dunn - Cybrary of the Holocaust

Owen Durkin

Harold J. Fontenot

Sergio Franzese - O Vurdón

Linda D. Griggs

Rana Halprin

Ian F. Hancock - University of Texas at Austin

Marko Courbet and Ian Hancock
Marko Courbet and Ian Hancock at the Romani Archives
and Documentation Center, University of Texas, Austin.

Mícheál Ó hAodha - Gypsy Collections at Liverpool

Erin Hickerson

Marie-Christine Hubert

Svend Johansen - Monitor Anti-Fascism

Marketa Kastankova - Radio Prague

Donald Kenrick - Hertfordshire Press

Michele Sabata-Keplinger

Paul Kneisel - The Internet Anti-Fascist

Marko Knudsen - RomNews Network

Marek Kohn - The Race Gallery

Yorgos Kousagiannidis - Slice of Life

Gregory Kwiek

Harold Lush - Association Gypsies/Romani International

Ken McNaughton - American Institute of Physics

Elena Marushiakova - Studii Romani

Yaron Matras - University of Manchester

Jean-Claude Megret - Balval

Shirley A. Miller

Steve Mixon - Romani Café

Rachel Morris - Traveller Law Research Unit

Scott Morrow - Romani Union Australia

Mária Neményi - Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Rolandos Pavlou - Youth Against Racism in Europe

Ann Pitsch - Minorities at Risk Project

Vesselin Popov - Studii Romani

Dragan Ristic

Ivan Sever

Hedina Sijercic - Romano Lil

Andrew Stroehlein - The New Presence

Anne Sutherland - Macalester College

Harold Tanner

David Turner - Keep the Nazis Out of Dover

Roma Flag

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