Romani (Gypsy) culture and social issues.
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The Patrin mailing list encourages active discussion about Romani culture, history, traditions, customs, arts, current events, and Romani rights around the world. It is intended as a mailing list for readers of the Patrin to join with other readers with the same interests and discuss various topics about Romani culture and social issues. 

A mailing list is a subject-oriented discussion group where messages are distributed by e-mail. The messages are posted to a list message server by subscribers and then sent back out to other subscribers of the same list. In this way, people who have many different kinds of e-mail access can participate in discussions together. 

The Patrin is a closed mailing list and all subscribers must request permission to join. When requesting to join, state your reason for joining, how you expect to contribute and benefit from the list, and give a valid e-mail address. Without a valid e-mail address you will not receive important mailing list instructions or permission to join the mailing list! 

A FAQ (frequently asked questions) message is posted on a regular basis to help users participate in the Patrin mailing list. At present, a digest of mailing list messages is maintained and readable only by subscribers.

After your request to join the Patrin mailing list has been approved you will receive e-mail with instructions on how to participate in discussions. 

To join patrin-roma-culture, or for more information, send e-mail to Acceptance to join the list usually takes 1-3 days. 

Other Mailing Lists:

RomNews Network Online hosts several mailing lists.  Topics include current events, history, politics, linguistics, and a list in the Romani language. For more information, visit

The Traveller-Net mailing list networks Gypsy-Traveller specialists: academics (teaching and researching in Universities, colleges, schools and research bodies), policy-makers and service providers, generating discussion across the range of issues which concern Gypsy-Travellers in the UK and Europe. Visit for more information.

The Trav-Ed email list discusses issues relating to the education of Travellers in the UK and can be joined by sending an e-mail message to and include subscribe trav-ed in the body of the message. 

The Balval Web site hosted by Jean-Claude Megret has the "Lila" mailing list which discusses Romani issues (in French) at

Most important: Active participation in the Patrin mailing list is highly encouraged!

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