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Kanadake-Romane Mirikle
Canadian-Romani Pearls
Kanadake-Romane Mirikle Kanadake-Romane Mirikle
Canadian-Romani Pearls

Poems by
Hedina Sijercic
Mario Ines-Torres
Julia Lovell
Ronald Lee
Nina Bottaccini
Amdi Asanoski
Aranka Mihailovits
Ron Bankley

To commemorate
International Romani Day
April 8, 1999

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Advocacy Centre 
of Toronto & Romano Lil
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The Roma Community & Advocacy Centre of  Toronto, Canada, has produced the first-ever booklet of Canadian Romani Poems entitled Kanadake-Romane Mirikle (Canadian Romani Pearls). This 71 page booklet contains poems by Canadian-born Roma, Roma immigrants and Roma refugees. The poets are Hedina Sijercic, Mario Iñes-Torres, Julia Lovell, Ronald Lee, Nina Bottaccini, Amdi Asanoski, Aranka Mihalovits and Ron Bankley.

As well as the poems, in English or in Romani or Spanish with English translations, the booklet gives an historical overview of Romani poetry/ballads in Canada, an article on Kali Sara or Saint Sara whose representation appears on the front cover, and the Romani Anthem, Opre Roma, in English and Romani, with the music as well as a description of how the anthem came to be written and an account of the formation of the Romani Union on April 8, 1971 where the anthem, the Romani flag and the resolution to approach the United Nations for NGO [Non-Governmental Organisation] Status were officially adopted. It also contains an index and a glossary of Romani words.

The booklet was prepared for Roma Night, a Canadian Roma poetry reading and music jam at the Plaza Flamingo on April 8, 1999, to commemorate International Romani Day. This was a great success and the first time in Toronto that a Romani event was organized by Roma for Roma and the general public. Proceeds from the sale of the poetry booklet will go towards supporting the work of the Roma Community & Advocacy Centre which is a non-profit organization. To order your copy of the poetry booklet which will become a collector’s item please send cheques as follows which includes postage and packaging:

Within Canada $12 Canadian funds; within the US $12 US funds; overseas $14 US funds. Please make cheques payable to:

Roma Community & Advocacy Centre
122 St. Patrick Street, Suite F-24, Box 114
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2X8 CANADA
Inquiries can be directed to Ronald Lee at

Information provided by Hedina Sijercic of Romano Lil.
Posted 17 April 1999.

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