(...or Amir bullying my son.)

A few weeks ago, we were training at a park and I video taped the sequence below of Amir fooling around with my son. I decided to put it up on the web since it illustrated in a simple way of how one can control an opponent. I think the series of frames captured shows what happens quite clearly. The attack by my son, Fadli is a roundhouse kick to Amir's thigh using the point of the foot. There are of course many other ways to respond to this kind of attack and this is simply one of them.

Fadli(right) tries to kick Amir's inner thigh using the point
of his foot.
Amir raises his legs and...

...uses his heel to strike at Fadli's leg. This causes Fadli to loose control.

Amir kicks... ...Fadlis's supporting leg...

...bringing him down... Fadli manages to stop himself from hitting the ground and...

...tries to get up. Amir backfists him at the back of the head.

Amir continues to strike the back of Fadli's head and uses
his knee to cause Fadli to fall forward...
...very hard. End of fight.

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