Basic Response

One of the most basic things I learnt that is very effective is hip torque. This is the generation of tremendous striking force via the torque generated through the rotation of the hips. I learnt this from learning a bit of Silat Tua Stralak, Sapik Kalo, both from Bapak Engku and a very agressive Kuntau Style(Indonesian Chinese style developed by a person known only as "Bapak Kim") called simply "Permainan Kontan". I learnt from my friend, whom we called Abang(Malay for elder brother) Attas, who came from the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi. We met while I was studying in Perth. More on this later on.

I (person on the right)
wait. Amir is my opponent.

When Amir punches,
I turn my body, striking
simultaneously and
using hip torque to
generate power. Notice how
Amir's punch slides off my
chest. A very basic element
in most advanced forms of Silat
and I believe in Indonesian
Kuntau as well.

One caveat I want to add here is that, it is not as easy as it seems, took me several months of practise to get it right. Definitely you have to get supervision of a guru who can guide you. Do not try this on your own or experiment in a fight.

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