Photo Gallery

Below are some photo's I took of my sons and friends in action

This is one of my gurus, Engku Ansaruddin of Silat Sapik Kalo cutting a watermelon with a sword while blindfolded. The person with the watermelon on his stomach is a friend and colleague, Amir whom I will feature in the coming months. He's very very good. Photo taken about 1986 and published in a local magazine now no longer in circulation. I was the president of the association for a time.

My sons in action(above). The phot at left demonstrates a variant of a silat technique known as cuek taji kinantan. The word cuek means kick in the Minangkabau dialect of Sumatra. The photo on the right demonstrates a basic concept in Silat of simultaneous parrying and counterattack, "Apabila musuh memukul, di kala itu dia dipukul". Translated, this means; When the enemy strikes, it is then he is struck. That's the best translation I can think of at this time. Notice the alignment of the body in delivering the counter attack. It serves to generate force via hip torque as well as moving the body out of the focus of the opponents attack. Executed correctly, and with the right follow up techniques, it can take the opponent out in the quickest possible time.

Some dramatic silat techniques, tendangan dada burung(left) and sapu terbang (right). Flying kicks are only used when the timing is right. If used correctly, they are devastating as can be seen above.

Grappling techniques by two friends of mine, Rashdan and Ismail. Note the person on the left, the fingers of his left hand are ready to gouge out his opponents eyes, a typical silat close range response. Other possible areas are the nerves and vulnerable areas of the throat and neck.

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