I n t e r v i e w s

In April of 1998, Don did a two-part interview for Radio New Zealand's "Musical Chairs" programme.

This is a fascinating tour through Don's early years as a musician - the relationships, the successes, the struggles and inspirations that brought it all about. A not-to-be-missed audio walk through Don's impressive career as one of New Zealand's greatest musicians.
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Segment Description Time MP3 File Size
Growing up with music 1:14 Don1.mp3 219k
Early bands 1:51 Don2.mp3 325k
Inside Information, The Plague 2:36 Don3.mp3 456k
Blam Blam Blam 1 2:35 Don4.mp3 455k
Blam Blam Blam 2 0:40 Don4a.mp3 118k
From Scratch 2:34 Don5.mp3 450k
The Front Lawn 1 2:15 Don6.mp3 395k
The Front Lawn 2 1:54 Don7.mp3 334k
The Front Lawn 3 0:53 Don8.mp3 155k
The Front Lawn 4 1:45 Don9a.mp3 307k
Forming the Mutton Birds 1:37 Don9b.mp3 285k
Early days of the MBs 2:04 Don10.mp3 362k
The first single; Positioning 1:54 Don11.mp3 335k
Views on "Salty" 0:30 Don12.mp3 87k
Band philosophies 1:00 Don13.mp3 177k
Situation in the UK 1:16 Don14.mp3 223k
Comments on "Envy of Angels" 1:28 Don15.mp3 257k
Don on song writing & performing 1:43 Don16.mp3 302k
New music; The future 1:54 Don17.mp3 334k
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