An Extended Family

These pages represent a summary of decades of research by and correspondence between relatives who have been fascinated by, and interested in saving, the varied histories of multiple, related family lines. These pages also represent an expression of at least some of the appreciation due for the time, effort, and conservation of these histories.

There are many stories of the people in my family, before and after coming to this country. The stories of the people are the leaves on a family tree - bringing life to bare branches and a fullness to the whole. Included here, as well, is the family tree upon which the stories are supported. This tree, however, may be likened to a Banyan tree, with branches connecting parts having separate roots, but ever parts of the whole.

The family lines presented are for the ancestors of the children by two marriages of Winifred Mabel Pitman, many descendents of those ancestors, and the ancestors of several of those cousins. As always in genealogy, the research continues to add to this family history and these pages will change accordingly. They will also grow as it is possible to include more of the extensive information and individual stories already available. Hopefully, the numerous relatives who continue the research and contributions, and those living relatives who may yet become known to us, will appreciate and enjoy these pages.

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