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3 Cheers For Love Affairs

It's All A Test Of Time

The Journey


3 cheers for love affairs

base yours on communication---

without this vital ingredient

loving is a losing situation---


3 cheers for love affairs

leave one thing up to fate---

don't push or sell yourself

be selected by your mate---


  3 cheers for love affairs

learn to trust your spouse---

and don't you ever forget

love doesn't leave room for doubt---


  3 cheers for love affairs

loving all that good sex---

but don't compare partners

trying to figure who's best---


3 cheers for love affairs

they never stay the same---

when there is no more love

you might feel a lot of pain---


3 cheers for love affairs

live and love and play---

don't sit back and wait

for someone to give the OK...



It's all a test of time

for it all to fit together---

won't really make a difference

love is bound to have a day---


It's all a test of time---


in time, all things must end

to start anew made better again---

the circle of life is built the same way

going out of your life to return another day---


It's all a test of time---       


the circle of love will never end

and I'm feeling like I'm getting my second wind----

because whenever I take the time to make a new friend

somehow I feel like I have been born again---


It's all a test of time---  


love can speak, compelling us to stay

like the pages in a book---

urging us to take a look---

to be made better in time


It's all a test of time...


I tried to leave

but had no place to go,

while on a search for peace

I found a way to be free,

I went on a journey

to a place inside of me---

to enjoy the experience

living with my inner sense---

I had to leave where I was at

so that I could get where I am

in order, to be where I want to be---

I'm learning to be satisfied

and happy to just be alive,

all my life I'm destined to roam

still it seems I'm never alone...  

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