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I wrote Lucky Man Like Me in 1989

when the man I worked for yelled at me

because he was having a bad day (he had many bad days)

He was 86 years old at the time, he was alone in this world, and he was blind.

When I read it to him he started to cry and told me I should have it published.

I had never published anything before

and I didn't think this was published material.

Anyway I decided to give it a try, and it was published in

The American Poetry Anthology [volume x. #2 by Robert Nelson.]

Here It Is.....





a life so full,

I've almost had it all.

The world I have seen,

almost in it's entirety,

with my partner by my side

my heart overflowed with love....

Hand in hand we went, from one end to

the other, if I could I would; but then again,

in my heart I know. The sun-filled scenic shores of

Mexico will one day be my home. A lucky man I was,

a lucky man I am, I have lived and loved; and am

loved by all. Though I can no longer see, the memories

live with in me. In my mind I see, more clearly than before;

the beauty of my life as each day passes by. A lucky man

I am to have live this life of mine. Regrets, I've had

a few, but if I had to live my life all over, I wouldn't

change that much, 'cause what I have seen

and done, so many only dream about.

I've almost had it all. I need only

close my eyes, and before

me I see; a life filled

with glorious


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