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I am so happy to see you, please stay as long

as you can and share

my thoughts.

This poem is all about the way we take others for granted

and fail to realize the hurt we cause to the ones

who loves us the most. 

I wrote this many years ago

when I was looking for love in all the 

wrong places.



Amazing, isn't it, how that great big sun can

lose all it's brilliance...

a fact that eludes everyone but me

And no one but me seems to notice how the most 

beautiful moment turns ugly and distasteful.

I often hear the thunderous noise that silence makes

when I am alone and deep in thought...

I've heard the crumbling, tearing, twisting, shattering

sound of a breaking heart

and I've felt the piercing pain of a splinter here and there.

If life were mine to decide, I'd give this one away...

in exchange for another that's capable of attracting

and keeping love.

Can anyone ever know how deeply and sincerely

another gives that deceptive emotion called love?

We were put on this dear earth to live and love...

among other  things, but I wonder, is there such

a thing as love without hurt, and if there is

why does it always pass me by?

So many people never experience love...

are they the lucky ones, I think they are.

Very few people find, recognize, hold on to,

and cherish true love when it is offered to them.

Can it be because this tender emotion can cause

delirious happiness, and yet deep pain all at the same time?

Loyalty and principles are two fine qualities

we should all strive to attain...

 but it is my experience that they never warm the heart...

they stifle true feelings and almost always

lead to hurt and disenchantment.

By Jennifer Steele




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