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Savior, directed by Predrag Antonijevic, is about an American (played by Dennis Quaid) who becomes crazed after a Moslem's terrorist bomb in Paris kills his spouse and son. In response to the outrage, he retaliates by opening fire indiscriminately in a mosque one day. To evade arrest for his crime, he joins the Foreign Legion and somehow ends up fighting for Bosnian Serbs. Although presumably paid for his part in the war in Bosnia, he has become in effect a terrorist, fighting alongside sadistic Serbs who are engaged in ethnic cleansing. One afternoon, he even kills a young boy (perhaps the same age as his son) out of fear that the apparently unarmed boy will attack him first. But, In a change of heart reminiscent of Edward Norton’s turnaround in this year's American History X, there comes a point when he can no longer stomach brutal killing. He decides to save an innocent woman and her child, a quest that he pursues at his own peril. Nominated as a film that raises consciousness of the need for peaceful ways of resolving conflicts, Savior is filmed in Bosnia, a beautiful land in which nature is at peace but humans are at war of the most brutal sort. Oliver Stone, among the film’s producers, doubtless found the quagmire of Vietnam relived in the obscenity of Bosnia while humming "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" MH

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