The Set Designer

a novel by Redena Hobbs

This is pure fantasy. Unapologetic, unrelevent, non-enriching, shallow, lighthearted fun. The kind of book you'd pick up after a hard day's work when the car's malfuctioning, the kids are disfunctioning, the body is drooping and the career is slowly dripping down the drain like the sands of the litterbox that the kids dumped in the tub.

It's sort of a romance, but it's also the story of a career woman in an era when women didn't have careers. It's what happens when the philosophy of life, "Sell a good product, charge what it's worth, make a fair profit and put the money in the bank," comes up against the philosophy, "Write music. And have a good time."

Rated PG13 or R depending on how good your imagination is.

All that said, here it is. Presented with apologies to

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3