Ed's Statement

Ed Brown's statement:

On July 8, 2003, two detectives from Westbrook appeared at the garage door and asked to see Red Daly. The two detectives did not show me any paperwork and followed me into the house. I asked them if they would like to sit at the kitchen table. They said that they preferred to stand. I said that I would go get Red from his office.

Red said that he would see them, so I went to my room to get dressed. In the time it took me to dress, someone woke the two girls up, took them out to the garage and was starting to talk to them. As I entered the garage, the person questioning the girls took Heather to the side of the house next to the bushes and proceeded to ask her questions.

He brought Heather back in tears. When he questioned Christina, he was loud and abusive and said that he would see that she would never see her parents again forever. That was when Christina asked for an attorney. This seemed to inflame him, and he continued shouting at her for some time after that.

When he returned with Christina to the front of the garage, he said to me that Red was running a porno ring and that Red and I were using the kids for sex and to make “kiddie porn.” He also said that he would see that this “kiddie porn ring” was shut down any way that he could.

I told the girls to get into the car and I would take them to the mall.

He got into a white car and drove off leaving the girls and me in the driveway.

-- Eddie L. Brown

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