Red Collar

We don't want to bore you with lots of information
about us, because this site is dedicated to our Jack Russells,
but I hate visiting a site and feel that I would like to
know a little about the people, and there is nothing there. is some background on our little family.....

Hi, I'm Donna Hastings here with my son Jordan.
I am a Systems Analyst/Consultant.  Dealing with
computers every day makes life a bit hectic at times,
but it is nice to relax on the weekends with my family and
our dogs.  I am also the secretary for our local affiliate
of the JRTCA here in the Carolinas.  Please contact
me if you need information about either club.

This is my husband Randy with Lenox at a trial.  He has
worked for a local Grocery Store chain for 27 years.  He
also maintains our 14 acre farm.  He is our showman and
does a great job getting our dogs to do their best.

 Last but not least, this is our son Jordan with Lenox.
Jordan is a 8th grader this year and is our official puppy
wrangler and all-around helper.  He looks like a keeper to me!

You can e-mail us at