Red Collar

  As Tigger would say.......Woo Hoo Hoo HOOO!!!!!
We had a WONDERFUL time at the Nationals!  Our Duffle placed second in his class...Open Adult Dog - Broken/Rough 12 1/2 - 15"!  There were 42 dogs in this
class.   To place so high in a class at Nationals is such a wonderful feeling and honor.  Duffy is our baby boy and we are so very proud of him.  His pictures are below and you can read more about him by following the link below the pictures.
    If you have never been to a National Trial, it is a humbling experience.  JRT owners and breeders travel from all over the country to show their dogs.  The Stepping Stone Museum is a beautiful place.  The photo below does not do the location justice.  We were in awesome company, with hundreds of other JRT owners/breeders creating an EZ-up city on the grounds.  We have been showing for years, but this is the first time we were able to go to the Nationals.  It definitely won't be our last!  The JRTCA did an awesome job and we are proud to be members of the club.



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