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Welcome to Bubba's website devoted to "Southern politics, current news, Southern folklore and the future of Dixie". Our editor is, by the Grace of God, a white Southerner and like my ancestors before me, a DEMOCRAT, by God! My ancestors settled in the Southern English colonies in the 1600s, fought for our nation's independence in both the war against the British Redcoats and the second War for Independence against the damnyankees. Anybody who don't like my politics can KISS MY GRITS!!

"But I thank God, there are no free schools nor printing, and I hope we shall not have these hundred years; for learning has brought disobedience,
and heresy,and sects into the world, and libels against the best government. God keep us from both!"
Sir William Berkeley Governor of Virginia 1671

"It is fortunate for governments
that people do not think"
"My will prevails"

Thank god our ancestors were able to overcome those damn royalists during our American Revolution. Those fatcat British royalists didn't want 'free schools' (public schools) nor printing (especially that thing which had begun springing up that they held in such contempt called 'newspapers'). Such 'democratic' nonsense as free schools and printing would give all us common folk ideas that we could be 'equal' to the fatcats.
Unfortunately, the human freedoms our ancestors won when we gained our independence are now once again under fire from the fatcats who are hellbent upon gaining even more riches and power -- at the expense of us little suckers. This website is determined to expose those fatcats who would strip us of our rights.


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Vote Republican -- outsource YOUR
job to Communist China !!

If you don't like your job and don't mind a minimum wage job at a hamburger joint, then keep on voting REPUBLICAN and help the fatcats 'outsource' YOUR job to communist China or to the Hindus in India. Your job don't mean a damn when it comes to keeping Chicken George and his buddies in office! After all, our great leader has told us many times that sending American jobs to our enemy, the communist Chinese and to the Hindus in India is GOOD for the American economy. (Huh ?~!?). He's shipping our jobs overseas, even to the communists (who have MANY rockets with atomic bombs on them aimed at America) to help fight terrorism. And after all, fighting terror is more important than your job, ain't it? So be glad when they tell you to train some Hindu from India to do your job and then fire you. Or when they close your factory and move it to communist China, you ought to get together with your former workers and hold a community parade. Find aliens to carry the red communist flag out in front of the parade to show your pride.

Vote Republican -- so we can make the fatcats like Dick Cheney even richer, with all those guvment contracts -- handed out without fair bids -- for gasoline (the Pentagon says his company cheated American taxpayers out of more than $65 MILLION on overcharges); for security companies who are providing private security (I thought that was what we had the military forces there for), for food contracts for our military forces (they have bilked us out of millions for food NOT served, the Pentagon says).

Vote Republican -- so we can have REAL 'family values' with leaders like Newt ("the Grinch") Gingrich (whored around with everybody and his mistresses, ending up in three marriages so far; the guy who replaced him had just as sorry a record and then the third guy turned out to have a bastard child he has been supporting for years; and Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina (the rabid segregationist who turned out to have a bastard black youngun!!; Jimmy Swaggart (and his street whores -- paid for by money from his church folk); Jim and Tammy Baker (suckered a lot of good folk out of all their savings); Pat Robertson (wonder if any of those thousands of po widow women who gave Pat millions of dollars ever got anything out of the hundreds of millions he sold his "Christian" television network for. Bet not: what's the good in being a televangelist if you can't get rich!

Vote Republican -- so we can stop abortion! We gotta stop all the street whores and dope heads from getting abortions -- so we can keep filling the empty slots of street drug dealers (when one gets arrested, we can put in a new one right away with an unwanted child of a druggie street whore. After all, the 'born again Christians' aren't going to raise them in a decent home and give them a good education and health care. Stop abortion -- it's good for crime in America! More drug dealers, more robbers, more rapists, more pimps, more street whores, more thefts, more school dropouts, more welfare costs, more divorces and so on. ALL of this must be good for the American family -- because the 'family values' Republican Party is staunchly against abortion, no matter what. It don't matter if that street whore don't want no more younguns -- MAKE HER have it! Ain't none of us born again christians gonna be bothered with raising all those 1 1/2 million bastards born every year; let somebody else deal with that mess.

Vote Republican -- so we can close down ALL the factories in the South! Our glorious fried brain damnyankee president says it is GOOD for the American economy to close down all our textile factories, steel mills, auto plants and other factories in the South. And we sho have been doing that during his administration!! In Georgia, we have lost thousands of jobs in textile plants all over the state and thousands more in other states. Same for North Carolina and every other Southern state. In many small towns, they were the only manufacturing jobs we had. Many of the plants had been in operation for more than 100 years. Columbus, Georgia became an industrial center because of the many textile plants there. In many cases, four or five generations of families worked in the same plant. Now, they are almost all shut down and stand empty. Several have already been torn down.

But what the hell, Chicken George says we need to give our jobs to the communist Chinese, the Hindus in India and what's left to the Mexicans -- so they can get rich and afford to build more missiles, bombs, tanks and guns to sell to our enemies in Iran, Cuba and other renegade countries...or maybe use against us. At this rate, Americans will fork out the money to make communist China the dominant super power of the world in a few short years.

Textiles are just a drop in the bucket -- take a look at Birmingham, Alabama where most of the big iron and steel plants stand closed and empty now. Big B was once the biggest iron and steel producing center in the South. Now, we don't have any major producers left in the South. As a matter of fact, we don't have ANY major iron and steel producing plants left in the United States!! The Japs took care of our competition by 'dumping' their steel in America at below the cost of producing it. We couldn't compete against that. Now the Japs are having to compete against newer plants in such countries as Brazil and communist China. Even the Japs are getting a taste of their medicine now.

America's world dominance of industry has been wiped out. The real irony is that the new big dog is the anti-capitalist communist China. When they have all the technology they want from us, they will then seize all the foreign fatcat's plants there and the rest of the world can look for one hell of a mess. They intend to dominate the WORLD -- not just Asia.

Vote Republican -- so we can fight terrorism. Heck, when I was in high school, 99 per cent of the folks in America couldn't spell Afghanistan, much less find it or Iraq on a map but now we have American boys and girls dying there every day. But at the same time, chicken George wants 'open borders' with Mexico. HUH?! How the hell can we be safe and secure with millions of illegal aliens pouring across our borders? We need to start even more wars so we can keep on learning where all these muslim countries are and keep the whole world mad as hell at us. Anybody who asks why we went to war in Iraq just don't understand nuthin about fatcat oil politics. Just shut yo mouth, pick up yo gun and go fight, fool! We gotta bring 'democracy' to the Mohammedan Arab countries. That's why we fought the First Bush Oil War back in 1991 under daddy Bush. The Bush gang of fatcats told us we were fighting to 'restore democracy' to Kuwait. Wait a minute -- that Arab country ain't NEVER had democracy and now 16 years after the first Oil War, it STILL don't have 'democracy'. It is an absolute dictatorship under one tribal boss who makes the 'laws' while sitting on his golden throne. But never mind the fact there has never been a single Arab 'democracy' in history -- not one. We're gonna make Iraq a democracy! Even if it costs 10,000,000 American lives to do it. Nor that the latest estimates that this Bush Oil War is gonna cost us $3,000,000,000 (that's 3 TRILLION dollars!). Our great great grandchildren will still be paying for this war 100 years from now but that don't matter a hill of beans!

Course, it might have been a lot cheaper to fight for democracy a lot closer to home...like the front doorsteps of Florida -- CUBA!! Ole Fidel is still down there. After 49 years, he is still rattling his sabre and still a communist. Most Americans can't understand why we LOVE the communists in China but hate those in our neighbor Cuba. A good christian would love em all (or hate em all). If we had gone to war with Cuba, it would have been a lot cheaper: we could just launch our missiles from Florida (would have saved gas on toting everything all the way to Iraq). But a cheap war would mean all of Cheney's and Bush's buddies wouldn't make near as much profits, darn it. And that's what it's all about, ain't it ... money, honey?!

Who gives a confound if Lil George has smoked so much pot and used so much cocaine that he has a fried brain. He's still a good ole Republican damnyankee carpetbagger (from Connecticut) and all the fatcats need him in Washington. That means all us brainwashed Southern rednecks gotta keep him in office.

Chicken George Selling America to the Arabs !
Safety of America and billions of dollars at stake !!

Chicken George tried to sell out some of America's biggest seaports to the Arab boss of one of the smallest 'nations' in the world -- a tiny patch of desert on the Persian Gulf who's only claim to fame before oil was discovered was that it was the home of Arab pirates who attacked shipping on the Gulf for hundreds of years. Since the discovery of oil, several of the tribal leaders banded together and created a union of tribes now called the 'United Arab Emirates'. The tribal bosses take turns as the 'head boss'. The boss of Dubai is the current 'emir' and since he 'owns' his tribe's oil, he is very rich. Naturally, oil money means power in today's world. Dubai's boss has also gone into the port management business with his Dubai Port World company. Bush's bunch has harped for several years now that they were going to make America safe against terrorism. So...the best way to do that, they think, is to sell out our big ports to the Arabs. Never mind the fact that Dubai and their fellow emirates have been home to many terrorists; the shipping point for atomic fuel sent to others; arms sent to Mohammedans around the world, etc. Never mind the fact the boss there refuses to recognize the right of Israel to exist. Never mind the fact he is a strong supporter of the Palestinian Arabs and their terrorism.

Mince no hog fat about it: the Bush family has been in bed with the Arab oil interests for years. Daddy Bush left Connecticut after World War II and headed down to Texas to get in on the oil dollars. They have made so many promises to the Arabs that now they will even sell out our biggest ports to them. Is this making America "safe" from terrorism? Hell NO! But by the time we get rid of chicken George and his bunch, they will be so rich they just won't give a damn.

Remember THAT the next time you pull up to a gas pump, sucka!

Bush is a CRIMINAL !

America's un-elected president is a CRIMINAL! By his own admission, he has used such illegal drugs as marijuana. However, he continues to refuse to admit or deny using cocaine. He is also guilty of drunken driving, a fact he failed to tell the American public before or during the presidential campaign.

The next question -- already raised by many folk -- is whether Bush is guilty of lying on official documents which he signed to enter the race for the presidency. Did he lie about his criminal conviction for drunken driving when he signed those documents? If he said he had never been convicted of a crime on any public documents, then he is guilty of a crime for lying and falsifying his record.

Georgie boy has always refused to admit his drug use. But a number of folk who knew him in his wild college days and for years afterward, have spoken of his drug use. Lying about a criminal record is a very serious crime when it involves the most powerful public office in the world. Any man who lies about his past -- whether it is about being convicted of a public crime or about using illegal drugs -- should NOT be in such an office. If he will lie about the "little" ones like these, then lord knows what else he will lie to us in the next four years.

Lying not new for George W. Bush

If chicken George thought he was fooling all of us with that "photo opp" session a while back aboard a US aircraft carrier, he is the fool. Fact is, this jackass used his daddy's influence during the Vietnam War to avoid any real military service. Here is a great website where you can learn some truth about his fake 'military service'> Top Gun <

You were supposed to be 'serving' in the Texas National Guard in Alabama -- but your face just didn't show up at training there. WHERE were YOU, Georgie, during the Vietnam War while almost 60,000 Americans were dying in that hellhole? Having a good ole time in bars and running with whores?

Americans Are Demanding a Change

Almost every day, word leaks out about another scandal among the Republicans...bribary, corruption, money laundering, illegal government contracts to fatcats and more and more sleezeball tactics. When the current lobbying scandal grinds down, there will be a LOT of congressmen out of public office. One of the top dogs of the fatcats was forced to step down as the Republican Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. He had become famous for being able to brige just about anybody -- and get bribed by anybody with money. So much for the 'family values' crap that hoodwinked so many dumb Dixie rednecks! He won't be the last of the fatcats to go! All these shenanigans may prove the undoing of the Republican fat cats. Already, a growing movement is underfoot to change the Constitution and abolish the Electoral College so that the president is elected directly and by majority vote. Another move is afoot to change laws on lobbying. The Republican Senate boss says it is 'ridiculous' to limit the cost of meals paid for by lobbists to just $20. His response: "Where would you eat...McDonalds?" I'll bet that 95 per cent of the folks in Mississippi (where he's from) have never paid more than $20 for one single meal. I've never eaten a $20 meal in my entire life!!

And that is just the beginning. Citizens are demanding a complete overhaul of voting itself. After the 2000 and 2004 outrages, the public will no longer tolerate voting systems in which their votes can be "given" to some guy they consider a detestable candidate.

Any SOB who steals MY vote is going to find my baseball bat up side his noggin! From now on, Americans are going to demand that if they vote on "machines", that their vote be registered AS THEY VOTE and that these votes be COUNTED...not thrown out by some thief. In the future, ballots MUST be clear and concise and easy to designate. If we have to go back to "manual" voting, then so be it. But no more of this crap of throwing out thousands of citizen's votes because they were elderly and could not punch a hole cleanly through a ballot. Voting is the most basic right of every American and it will NOT be stolen from us -- ever again! Nor will this right of Americans be given to illegal aliens!

For the current pres of the United States, they shouldn't be playing "Hail to the Chief"...it should be "Hail to the THIEF". IF all those Florida votes were ever counted, history would record Bush as the man who lost but managed to steal the office anyway.

Hooray for the DIXIE Chicks!!

Hooray for the DIXIE Chicks country music singing group. One of these gals had to guts to speak her piece about Georgie boy and said she was ashamed he "was from Texas". Since her comments, a lot of rabid Bush supporters have started a campaign to boycott these good-looking gals.

I went over to my buddy's home last night and I asked his 15 year old daughter if she knew about the Dixie Chicks. She announced "No, I am NOT burning or destroying their CDs. No, I am NOT boycotting them. YES, I love their music. Yes, I WILL boycott any radio station who says they are no longer playing their music."

Her dad, who fought in the first Desert Storm war in Iraq, declared "It's a damn shame when an American can't speak their mind on anything. I thought that was what our country was supposed to be all about. I am a Republican but I did NOT vote for Bush. I am ashamed that some people are trying to stop Americans from speaking their piece. Good for you, James!

This is probably the most damnable and despicable tactic of the "new" Republicans. They seek to silence or discredit any and all opponents. Tricky Dickey got this ball rolling back in the 1960's with the help of his friend and cohort, Ms. Herbert Hoover. Today, we all know what kind of liars and crooks those two were but their tactics are still being used by the fatcats and their numbnut supporters today.

When we tell some good-looking gal from Texas that she can't say she is ashamed of some guy, then we have become just like the Nazis. My daddy died fighting the damn Nazis! So did a hell of a lot of other American boys. This is NOT what these brave American boys fought and died for nor what our Founding Fathers intended when they created our nation and wrote our Constitution.

Ironically, the flap these shysters are creating over the Dixie Chicks statement is a big laugh. One of these gals said she was ashamed Bush "was from Texas." Hell, that ain't true to begin with. George W. Bush AIN'T from Texas: he's a damnyankee carpetbagger from Connecticut!! He ain't no Southerner for damn sho! His grandpappy was a Republican US senator from Connecticut (that's as damnyankee as you can get) who sho wasn't no friend of Dixie. Little George's folks went to Texas to leach off the folks from Dixie and got even richer in the oil business. When Southerners think they are defending one of the "good ole boys", think again sucka! You are just sucking up to a damnyankee fatcat carpetbagger.

Attaway to go, DIXIE Chicks!!
Keep it up and keep that music coming! We love ya!

Impeach CONGRESS !!

The rabid radical rich Republicans in the House of Representatives impeached the President of the United States -- only the second time in our history that a president has been impeached. Funny thing is, the first one was also a Southern Democrat impeached by the "Radical Republicans" [that's what they were called by History] -- just because he wanted to name his own Cabinet!

And what were the "high crimes and misdemeanors" that Bill Clinton was impeached for? Having sex with some gal. God almighty -- there ain't hardly a Republican in Congress who ain't guilty of this very same thing! Newt Gringrich divorced his wife years ago to marry the mistress he had been whoring around with for some time. After being married to the mistress for several years, dang if it didn't come out that he was whoring around with still another mistress. He finally resigned as Speaker of the House, divorced the second wife/mistress and married the NEXT mistress. So much for his highly promoted "family values" campaign to put Republicans into office.

When this loudmouth finally got the word and resigned, the next mouthpiece for the richcats elected as Speaker turned out to be another liar, whoremonger and lord knows what else -- just like the rest of them!

And what about the mouthpiece Chairman of the committee which investigated the President? Well, he got caught and owned up to having sired an illegitimate bastard child. Next, they elected ANOTHER guy as one of their top leaders who also admits he has sired bastard children. Yet the Republicans in the House have praised these men as "fine and upstanding". After all this mess, they turn to the son of a Nazi: a woman molester, hashhish smoking, steroid user who posed for gay magazines, lived with whores and loved to get in on sex gangbangs with his fellow muscle freaks. This is the very same party that for several years now have preached that they are the party of "family values".

If they were so into 'family values', then how cum Bush's two underage gals got caught boozing it up in a California bar -- right there with their Secret Service guards. The lastest 'family values' scandal is the revelation that the son of the Republican leader of the senate has been arrested for drunken driving. Oh well...if you are rich and Republican, you can do that sort of thing and get away with it too.

The latest scandal involving the party of 'family values' is coming out of Texas with Congressman Tom DeLay, the Republican's House Majority leader. This guy has been getting millions from the fatcats and big corporations. You better believe all that money ain't going into his pockets out of love for his 'family values' !!. This guy even got the age-old rules of the House of Representatives changed just to keep from getting charges of being a crook being brought against him. The fatcats have brainwashed the American electorate to the point that now, it is family values to lie, cheat and steal! Finally, we are getting a better picture of the BIG LIE. Talk about DOUBLE STANDARDS -- "speak with forked tongue".

Republican's "Family Values" Campaign
the BIG LIE!!

Former Republican congressman Newt Gringrich was one of the plotters who conspired to sucker American voters into supporting the Republican Party with a 'mom and apple pie' campaign that portrayed the Republican Party as the party of "family values" and all Democrats as the 'bad boys' (especially President Bill Clinton).

This was probably the biggest lie the Republicans came up with since that famous statement by Richard Nixon that "I am not a crook." We all know tricky Dicky never told a lie? As it turned out, Newt the Grinch and his cohorts were among the worst liars in American history. The Grinch and many of his fellow travelers turned out to be a lying, two-faced hypocrites and whore hopping mongers. When exposed and forced to resign his post as Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Republicans nominated two more "family values" men -- both of whom also turned out to be lying, two-faced hypocrites and whore hopping mongers. These are the kind of men who led the campaign to impeach President Clinton for getting a blow job. Isn't there something about the kettle calling the pot black?

It looks like the richcat's hirelings will do anything to get and keep power. They are willing to lie about anything and everything. That includes bad-mouthing other folks in an effort to make themselves look better. How low can you get??

Strom Thurmond -- Exposed at last!!

A lot lower than most American's can imagine. The venerable Strom Thurmond -- one of the nation's most ardent segregationists, one of the most ardent supporters of the Republican Party in the South since he betrayed the Democratic Party in 1964 and became a turncoat -- the man who turned his back on one of the most noble Southerners and finest Christian gentlemen as President Jimmy Carter.

This is the man who bolted from the Democratic Party way back in 1948 and ran for president on the States Rights Democratic Party (also known as the Dixiecrat Party) over the issue of integration. In that election, he made a speech in which he said:
"I wanna tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that there's not enough troops in the army to force the southern people to break down segregation and admit the nigger race into our theaters, into our swimming pools, into our homes, and into our churches." He carried four states.

Thurmond was always lauded as a 'fine Southern gentleman', an upholder of Southern traditions and family values. He went on to serve in the United States Senate longer than anyone in history. He was praised by fellow fatcat mouthpieces as a great man. Yea, he was a 'great man' alright: the man who constantly voted against things that would help the hard-working folk who sweated out their lives in the bad environments of the South Carolina cotton mills. The man who always voted against raising the minimum wage for po folk. A great man alright.

This is the same man who got elected to the US Senate by hollering 'nigger, nigger' when we were all hell-bent on stopping integration. He was considered to be one of the most staunch segregationists in the nation for decades.

Whoa up here folks! Anytime one of the fatcat's mouthpieces starts looking like a saint, then you better believe something is stinking in the kitchen. As it turns out, Thurmond is one of the stinkingest LIARS of all time! He didn't just stink up the kitchen but the hayloft of the barn and god knows what all else. As it turns out, the old segregationist had a passionate affair with a nigger gal and ended up with a high yeller daughter. Thurmond's daughter, Essie Mae Washington, finally came out and revealed that Thurmond had provided her with financial support and had recognized her as his daughter.

Now comes word that even Thurmond's family has recognized her as his daugher.

So much for the Republican's "family values" crap -- just another one of their little ole fibs (which, for the fatcats, is always a BIG LIE !~!).


Remember Pearl Harbor --
buy a Jap or Nazi car...
and put Americans out of work !!

or don't buy at all!!