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Welcome to the Index of Southern Family History Internet web sites, a guide to help folks find sites on the web about family history in the South --Dixie. Ever since our ancestors first settled the American Colonies in the 1600's, our families have been spreading apart. In the mobile Twenty First Century society, we became even more scattered and divided. The World Wide Web has finally given us a tool to bring families back together once again.

Our list is for descendants of pioneer families originally from Dixie. If your ancestors settled in one of the Southern Colonies -- Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia and their descendants who later settled in other regions after American independence, including the rest of the South, the Mid West and across the Mississippi, then this includes you.

Many of the sites we list are wonderful sources of family history information. Some have large amounts of records online. You can find marriage records, cemetery tombstone inscriptions, military service from early wars, births, deaths, family bible records, wills and much more. For those of you searching for ancestors, you can find a treasure trove of historical facts on these sites and links to even more.

Our Index sites are intended to help others use the Internet for finding our more about their family history. If you find just one more unknown ancestor, then it will have served its purpose.

The site is divided into sections for family clubs (which may also include family history), family newsletters and family history sites sponsored by family clubs or an individual.

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