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They will live ...
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Welcome to the Brown Family History section of our Brown Family Club website, devoted to the history of all different Brown families in America. Most of these families are descendants of pioneers who settled in the American Colonies before they gained independence.

This is a common name so obviously not all Browns are related. However, we are united in a desire to preserve our heritage. This is the main purpose of the Family Club -- to gather and preserve copies of public documents on our family of every kind as well as personal family information. We are trying to create a major collection of such records and information that can become a storehouse of knowledge about our ancestors.

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Our first book on Brown family history is now available. It is a brief history on the Brown men who served in the state militias, Continental service and naval service during the American Revolutionary War for Independence. It contains more information than we can post on our website, including when and where born; more about their military service; who, when and where married; children (and info on them); occupation; information from pension records for the veteran, widows or survivors; when and where died and buried, etc. You can order a copy of the book by sending a check payable to the Brown Family Club to the address below. Cost: $25

"Brown Family Soldiers in the American Revolution"

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Only the highlighted sections are open yet. Please bear with us as our historian works on the site to add family history during the coming months.

Brown Family Records

Brown Family History

This section will be open soon--working on it now. This will be a "narrative" history of Brown families from the south. Be patient.

  • LATE 1800's
  • 1800 - 1820
  • 1820 - 1830
  • 1830 - 1860
    (War Between the States)
  • LATE 1800's
  • The coat of arms at the top of the page is just one of several granted to members of Brown families in Great Britain over the centuries. Below is one granted to a Brown from Galway County, Ireland. If you have a Brown coat of arms or family crest, please send us a copy by email so we can add it to the Family Library.]

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    If you write and ask for family history, please -- be courteous enough to give your full name and at least the town where you live. And remember that the family club is trying to gather and preserve our family history, so give info about yourself and your direct family line back as far as you know.

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    17 June, 1998