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Welcome to the official website of the Butler Family Association, a non-profit family club for all descendants of all the Butler families in America, regardless of where their descendants may live today. Our main purpose is to gather and preserve the heritage of Butler families and make it available to everyone. Among our projects is an online family newsletter and an online history section. Read about these below.

Please--don't ask if you are "related" to this group. If you are a Butler or descendant of a Butler--then it does include you. This family club is for ALL Butler families. Of course, all the Butler families are not blood-related. Yet, we all do share a common bond in our desire to preserve our family heritage. The family club was founded to give all descendants of Butler families a family organization to work with in helping preserve our families' heritage and other projects. This is YOUR family club and you are urged to support it.

Family Newsletter

Our family website has an online version of our family newsletter, with current news about your kinfolk. For the family newsletter to be a success, we need your help -- when you hear about a death, marriage, engagement, major anniversary, birth, school news or news about our family, please send the details to us so we can put this in your family newsletter. Click on "NEWS" in the INDEX below to go to the newsletter.

Family History

The main purpose of the family club is to gather and preserve our family history. The family website has a History section which will always be changing, with different information being added frequently. This will be basic family information that hopefully will help you learn more about our ancestors as well as a future family history section on individual family lines. Click on "HISTORY" in the INDEX below.

Family Queries

If you are looking for "missing link" ancestor or a "lost" living relative, our family website also has a queries section where you can post a message and perhaps find another relative who can help you with the very information and records you are looking for. Click on "QUERIES" in the INDEX below.

If your branch of the family is planning a reunion, please let us know and we will write a story about it in the family newsletter. See the family newsletter for more about reunion news.

The Butler Family National Library is a collection of every type of record, both public and private, on the Butler families (especially those with roots are in the South) in America.

We are trying to gather and preserve every kind of public document, including US and state census records, wills, marriage licenses and bonds, estate records, deeds, church records, cemetery tombstone inscriptions, birth and death certificates. Also old tax lists and voter's lists, military records from the beginning of the nation up to the present, old letters, family Bible records, published items from books & magazines, obituaries, wedding announcements, etc.

You are invited to join in this project. By cooperating and working together, we can make it possible for future generations of our family to know about themselves, their family and their heritage--without having to spend a lifetime of research wandering all over the South. You are urged to send information and copies of records on your Butler branch to preserve in the Family Library.

See also our "History" section. Click on "HISTORY" below.

Join and support your family club

The projects of the family club cannot be accomplished by one person nor a small group of kinfolk. We need a family club so we can all work together to preserve our family heritage. Your membership dues and donations help purchase notebooks, copying paper, note paper, envelopes, pens, postage and a host of other items needed; above all, the dues help purchase copies of family records from courthouses and libraries for your Family Library. If you appreciate what we are trying to do to gather and preserve our family heritage, then join with your kinfolk and help make this wonderful dream a reality. Become a member of the Family club and take a part in this effort.

Our Purpose and main goals:

Your membership is very important to keep the family club alive.

Without your support, a lot of family projects such as this family website won't be possible and the growth of your Family Library cannot continue. Join us and help make this dream a reality.
Send your membership dues to the mailing address below.

Annual membership dues: $15

email (click on the box below) or write us:

Butler Family Club

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4 Sep 1998