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A national family club for all descendants of the
Crowson, Crawson, Crosson family

Founded 1979

Welcome to the Crowson family home page, sponsored by the Crowson Family Association. This site is devoted to families with the various spellings of Crowson, Crawson, Crowsen, Crosson, Croucen, Crouson, etc. If you are a Crowson (or other spellings), this is YOUR family page. The Crowson Family Association is a national, non-profit family club founded in 1979 to help gather and preserve our family history and to help reunite our scattered and divided relatatives. You are invited to send us information and records to preserve in the Family Library and to post on this page.

In the coming months, we hope to add a large amount of family history to the website. We also have an online version of our family newsletter with current news about your kinfolks.

The Association is a family club. Family clubs can succeed only if they have members. If you are a Crowson or descendant of a Crowson, you are urged to join your family club and support our goals and help preserve your family's heritage. Go to the section on the Association to learn more about your family club.

Our Purpose and Goals:

Crowson Family National Library

The Crowson Family National Library was begun in the 1960's by our family historian, Robert Earl Woodham. His main hobby since childhood has been family history. His collection of family records and information became the foundation of the Library. It is now your Family Library.

We are trying to gather information on ALL descendants of the Crowson family (regardless of spelling) and every type of record from the oldest up to the present. One of basic types of record we have is a family information sheet on which info for an individual family is written: this includes the husband, wife, parents and grandparents, children and who they married and when and where they were all born, married and died. We now have hundreds of such family sheets on all the Crowson relat-
ives that we know of so far and we add more almost daily. These are kept in notebooks, filed alphabetically by the first and middle names, with all those kinfolks whose first name begins with the letter A in the "A" notebook, etc. and separate note-
books for each letter of the alphabet. We are trying to complete such a family sheet on every Crowson descendant who has ever lived.

Most of our records are public documents that are found in local courthouses or state agencies. However, we are also trying to collect privately owned records such as the information found in family Bibles (births, marriages, deaths, etc.) which is the most important kind of privately owned family record you can find. In addition, we are collecting copies of old letters, personal memories, photos, etc.

Crowson Family Association

The Crowson Family Association is a family club and family clubs are only successful if they have members. We need your support and your membership. The activities of the Association are paid for with your annual membership dues. Dues help pay for such things as printing and mailing our family newsletters, postage for correspondence, funds to purchase more family documents from county courthouses and libraries, office supplies, computer supplies, notebooks, printer paper, envelopes and more. We do not have a "staff": the work is done by volunteers. Help us preserve YOUR family heritage by becoming a member of your family club.

Your membership in the family club is very important to make it succeed.
Without your support, a lot of family projects such as our Family Library and this family website won't be possible.
Join us and help make this dream possible.

Annual membership dues: $15

write us:

Crowson Family Association
3120 6th Ave.
Columbus, Georgia 31904

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Crowson Family Association


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