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All the Woodham's from the South are descended from one Colonial settler from England. And all those with roots in southeast Alabama are descended from three men who settled in the Wiregrass in 1832 and a nephew who followed them in 1854: Edward Harley Woodham Sr., his two nephews, Aris Woodham Jr. and Athanasius Woodham all left the Stokes Bridge Community of Old Darlington District, now part of Lee County, SC and moved to the Wiregrass. Edward Harley Sr., Aris Jr. and Athanasius are all buried in the Woodham Family Cemetery which was established on Edward's land in the 1830's or early 1840's.
Submitted by: Robert Earl Woodham

EDWARD HARLEY WOODHAM Senior was born 26 June, 1785 at Stokes Bridge, SC and died 18 Oct., 1865 in Dale Co. He was a son of Edward Woodham Jr. and Mary. He married Sarah Dowling in 1805. Edward H. was a farmer. He was appointed a Constable of Darlington District in 1810. He was also a Justice of the Peace. He and Sarah had 10 children: Frederick, Emberry, Aris Bryant, Presley Nelson, Ephriam, Eleanor Dupree, Richard Ira, Rachel, Edward Harley Jr. and Johnathan Robert.
FREDERICK WOODHAM (1806-1852) m. Mary Ann Pollard in 1830 in SC. He was a farmer. They had 10 ch: Richard Edward L., Hillary Hopewell, John Wesley, Sarah Ann Elizabeth, Eleanor Dupree, Elisha R., Aris Athanasius, Hester Ann, Andrew Jackson ("Jack") and Wright Pleasant ("Right").

ARIS BRYANT WOODHAM (1810-1898) m. Hester Ann Simmons. He served in the Alabama Militia during the Creek Indian War in 1836 and soon afterward, moved to Newton County, Miss., where he helped found and name the town of Newton--after Dale County's former county capitol. He had 8 ch: Harriett, Martha ("Mat"), Zachary Taylor (Taylor), James Wallace ("Jim"), Edward Harley III ("Ned"), Mary E. ("Sis") and John Robert Sr. ("Dock").
PRESLEY NELSON ("Nelse") WOODHAM (1813-1898) m. 1st Perthenia Ward and had 5 ch: Samuel Edward, James R. N., Eleanor Rebecca, Perthenia E. ("Thenia") and Epsey A. E. After the death of Perthenia, Nelse m. 2nd Nancy Elizabeth Adkins and had 4 ch: Sarah Frances ("Sally"), Nancy Elizabeth, Mary Legion and Perthenia Edmonia ("Mon"). Nelse was a farmer in the forks of the Choctawhatchee River and owned several large tracts of land. He and both his wives are buried in the Woodham Cemetery.
ELEANOR DUPREE ("Elender") WOODHAM (1817-1890) m. Samuel G. Windham and had 9 ch: John Nelson Windham Sarah Jane, James Edward Windham, Ann Rebecca, Theodocia E., Mary Sophronia Eleanor, Samuel Carmel Windham, Nancy Minerva Ingram and Thomas Henry Windham. Eleanor and Sam are buried at the old Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery near the Woodham Cemetery.

RICHARD IRA WOODHAM (1821-1848) m. Nancy Elizabeth Ward and had a daughter, Nancy Engrim Mary Isabel. Richard was buried in the Woodham Cemetery. Nancy later moved to Coffee Co. and is buried there. Their dau. married Thomas J. Tew.
RACHEL WOODHAM (1823-aft 1910) m. John Bryant Daughtry and had 8 ch. (see Daughtry family)
EDWARD HARLEY WOODHAM Jr. (1826-1907) m. 1st Ann Elizabeth and had 2 ch: Martha Malinda and Arland Bryant. Arland moved to Polk Co., Fl. After the death of Ann, Edward married 2nd Senia Ann Elizabeth ("Sena, Seeana") Page and had 10 ch: Laura Frances Mae, James Harley, Jefferson Davis ("Jeff"), Carrie, Jessie Rachel, Rayburn Clifton, William Sappington, Annie Theresa ("Tee"), Brady Morgan and Ida C. E. H. Jr. was a soldier in the Confederate States Army. He became a shoemaker and harness maker and lived in Bainbridge, Ga. and Quincy, Fl. before moving back home to Newton. His first wife is buried at Woodham Cemetery. He and Senia are buried at Pinckard Cemetery.
JOHNATHAN ROBERT ("Bob") WOODHAM (1828-1892) m. Emma Gray and had 8 ch: Almira, Catherine ("Kit"), Mary Jane, John Talbot (Tolbert), Margaret Ann ("Margie"), Walter Young and Edward Harley ("Hoke"). John R. served as a soldier in the Confederate States Army. In the 1880's, he sold his farm near the Woodham Cemetery and moved to north Geneva Co. He and Emma are buried at Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church.

ARIS WOODHAM Junior was born in Stokes Bridge, SC 2 June, 1801, a son of Aris Woodham Sr. and Rachel Beasley. Aris' father owned several farms in the Stokes Bridge community and was among the first Methodist ministers in the South. Aris Jr. m. 1st Rachel Richardson and had at least 6 ch including Joseph Reddick, Edward Christopher, Elemiah A. C. and Prudence Jane. Rachel died in 1830 and was buried in the Woodham Cemetery in Stokes Bridge. Aris then married 2nd Caron H. ("Carrie") Riley in 1831. They had 11 ch: John Alexander, Stephen Moses ("Mode"), Mary, Nelly, Ira Aris, Cynthia C., Uriah, Asa Edward, Ellen and Daniel William. Aris Jr. was a farmer. After he sold his land in SC, he moved with other relatives and many neighbors to the Wiregrass. He settled first in Barbour Co. but sold this land after one year and moved to the forks of the Choctawhatchee next to his uncle, Edward H. Sr. He acquired several federal homesteads and bought other tracts to become the owner of a fairly large amount of land. He and Caron were both Methodists and helped found the Mt. Carmel Methodist Church north of their home. After Caron died in 1873, Aris Jr. married 3rd to Mrs. Clarissa E. Clark Brackin.

JOSEPH REDDICK ("Reddie") WOODHAM (1820-1864) m. Candice Riley in 1841 and had 11 ch: Aris, Pheriba, Eliza- beth, Reddick, Mary, Needham W., John Edward, Nancy Winifred ("Winnie"), Nellie, Josephine, Elizabeth Ann ("Betsy"), and Sarah Ann ("Sally"). Joseph Reddick was a farmer. He first served in the Confederate Army during the War for Southern Independence but deserted and joined the yankee army. He died at Fort Barrancas, Pensacola, Fl. and is buried there. Aris died as a soldier in the Confederate Army at Vicksburg, Ms. Candice is buried at Echo Methodist Church.

EDWARD CHRISTOPHER ("Chris, "C.C.") WOODHAM (1824-aft 1907) m. 1st Joanna ("Joe Annie", "Jody") Riley and had 10 ch: Cynthia, John Wesley, Moses ("Mode"), William, Ira Edward, Thomas Latrell ("Tom"), Joseph Christopher ("Joe"), Uriah Daniel, Jasper Richard and Carrie Elizabeth ("Cary"). Chris was a farmer. He served in the Confederate Army. He and Joanna were divorced and he then married Louesta Kennedy and moved to south Florida where he had two sons. Joanna is buried at the Woodham Cemetery.

ELEMIAH A. C. WOODHAM (1825-1843) m. Lewis Bowden.
Prudence Jane Woodham (1827-1891) m. John Wilson Dean and moved to Louisiana. they had 11 ch.
ELIZABETH WOODHAM (1832) m. Newton M. Davis.
John Alexander Woodham (1833-1864) m. Rebecca Barnes and had one son, John Webster. John A. served in the Confederate Army and was captured by the yankees. He died as a prisoner of war in a yankee prison camp.
STEPHEN MOSES ("Mode") WOODHAM (1834-1908) m. Sarah Amanda J. Galloway and had 6 ch:, two survived childhood: John Wesley and Perry Caswell ("Cas"). Mode was a farmer. He and Sarah are buried at Woodham Cemetery.
Mary Woodham (1835) m. 1st Joseph Maund and 2nd William J. Dossett.
NELLY WOODHAM (1836-1910) m. Major Holland ("Fox") Daughtry (see DAUGHTRY family).
IRA ARIS WOODHAM (1839-1865) served in the Confederate Army. He was captured by the yankees and died as a prisoner at a yankee prison in Elmira, NY.

CYNTHIA C. WOODHAM (1841) m. 1st Hardy Maund and 2nd R. A. A. Wright. She moved to Escambia Co., Fl. and later to Walton Co. where she died.
URIAH WOODHAM (1844-aft 1910) m. 1st Elizabeth J. Graham and 2nd Mrs. Mary E. Martin. He served in the Confederate Army and was seriously wounded, losing a foot. As soon as he recovered, he re-enlisted and served as a wagon master until the end of the war. He had no children. He became a farmer in Walton Co., Fl.
DANIEL WILLIAM WOODHAM (1848-1925) m. Martha Ann Enfinger and had 10 ch: (5 died as infants and are buried at Woodham Cemetery), Walter Lewis, Bartow Edward, Marvin Bishop, Mattie and William Robertson ("Will"). Daniel served in the Confederate Army. He was a farmer. He was first buried at Woodham Cemetery next to five children who died as infants. After his wife died, his children moved his body to Mt. Carmel Methodist Church.

ATHANASIUS ("Atha") WOODHAM was a son of Aris Woodham Sr. and Rachel Beasley. He was born 10 Jan., 1792 in Stokes Bridge, now Lee Co., SC. He m. 1st Mary Ann Kelly and they had 11 ch: including Reddick, Elizabeth, Aris, Jane, Nancy O., Athanaius Jehu Sr., James ("Jim"), Sophronia, Mary Ann Elizabeth and John Wesley Sr. Atha left SC with his brother Aris Jr.and uncle Edward H. Sr. and moved to the Wiregrass. He settled in western Henry Co. where he lived until the 1840's. He then bought a farm in Dale Co. and lived here until he died in 1856. He is buried at the Woodham Cemetery.
REDDICK WOODHAM (1814-1858) m. Clarissa Goff and had 7 ch: William Athanasius, Celia Lavinia ("Viney"), Mary Elizabeth, Joseph John, James Travis (Travis), Nancy Jane and Hillary Hopewell ("Hope").
Elizabeth Woodham (1817-1882) m. Edward James Galloway and had at least 14 ch: Sarah Ann, Hillary J., James Wesley, Nancy Maria, Mary Alice, William James, Hubert G., Lineman, Permelia M. ("Amelia"), Wilson C., Anzilla ("Zillie"), Dillie Ann S., Arnold J. ("Old Blue") and James. Their dau. Sarah A. m. Stephen Moses Woodham.

ARIS WOODHAM (1819-1900) m. 1st Rebecca Sally Smith and 2nd Rebecca Jane Ard. He had 9 ch. with Rebecca Sally: Robert Nelson, Mary Jane, Stephen Hartwell ("Steve"), Daniel, Sarah Ann R., Thomas J., Eliza Anita B. ("Nita"), Reddick and Elizabeth ("Bitsey"). He had at least 9 ch. with Rebecca J. Ard: Lavinia ("Viney"), Martha Matilda ("Tilda"), Hillary Redden, George Washington, William Aris ("Willie"), Curtis Jackson ("Curt"), Wesley Baker ("Wes"), Sophronia A. D. ("Froney") and Albert Columbus ("Lum"). Aris was a farmer. He served in the Alabama Home Guard during the War for Southern Independence. Two sons served in the regular Confederate Army. Aris moved to Covington Co. where his brother had settled earlier. He is buried at Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery near Babbie.
Jane Woodham (1822-1914) m. 1st Joshua Lisenby who died young. They had one son, John Seaborn Lisenby. She then m. 2nd Stephen Wiggins and had 10 ch: Reubin J., Reddick J., Reddick J., William D., Athanasius Abijah, Mary A. E., Hillary G. H., Julia A. S., Nancy Lavenia Sarah Rebecca, Dr. Wesley and Almedia Jane ("Allie").

ATHANASIUS JEHU WOODHAM Sr. (1825-1907) m. Jemima W. (Gemima) Meadows and had 6 ch: Athanasius Jehu Jr. ("Babe"), Joseph Hillary, Mary Julia, Nancy Lucinda and Mary Martha ("Mollie"). He also raised two of the three orphan sons of his brother James Woodham Sr: William Jackson ("Bill") and John Wesley. A. J. Sr. served as a soldier in the Confederate States Army. He was a farmer. He is buried at Mt. Enon Baptist Church in Henry Co.
JAMES WOODHAM Sr. (1828-1855) m. Nina. He died young, leaving three orphaned sons. Two of them, William Jackson ("Bill") and John Wesley Woodham, were raised by their uncle, Athanasius Jehu Sr. The other son, James Jr., remained with his mother after she remarried.

SOPHRONIA WOODHAM (1833-1895) m. Seaborn J. Howell and had 4 children.
JOHN WESLEY WOODHAM Sr. (1835-1910) m. Mary Amanda Ard and had 14 ch (including a son who died as an infant): Josiah ("Siah"), James Hillary ("Jim"), William Aris ("Will"), Mary Elizabeth Lavinia Sophronia, John Wesley Jr., David Micajah ("Cage"), George Benton, Aaron Thomas ("Tobe"), Nancy Caroline, Taylor Nelson ("Nels"), Ida A., Hardy Jehu, Noah Alexander and Malachi Wilson ("Mallie"). John was a farmer; he left Dale Co. in 1854 and moved to Covington Co.
Submitted by Robert Earl Woodham

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