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Part Three

Daughtry - Daugherty

The Daughtry / Daugherty family of Dale County and the Wiregrass region came to Alabama in the 1820's from Sampson Co., NC. They are descendants of Abraham and Priscilla Daughtry/Doughtry of North Carolina. Their children included Joshua, Benjamin, Mary Jane, Major Hall and Frances Daughtry. The family originally settled in what was then Henry County near the Chattahoochee River, then moved across the river into Georgia and very soon afterward moved to Dale County.
JOSHUA DAUGHTRY Sr. was born in Sampson Co., NC abt 1789 and died in the 1850's. He first settled in Henry Co. Al. in the 1820's nr. the Chattahoochee River and moved across the river briefly to Early Co., Ga., then to Dale Co. and in the 1840's lived with one of his children in Coffee Co. He m. Barbara, b. 1795. Their ch included: Abraham B., Hannah, John Bryant, Major Holland ("Fox"), William, Joshua Jr., Priscilla Adeline, Ann Elizabeth, James Hayden (Hayden) and Benajah.

JOHN BRYANT DAUGHTRY was born 20 Aug., 1824 in Sampson Co., NC and died 31 May, 1880 in Dale Co. He married Rachel Woodham (16 Nov., 1823-8 Mar., 1901) on 20 June, 1845. They had 8 ch: Unity, Robert Marion, Sarah Minerva, Vermillion, Maisy Helon, Alexander Clayton, James Morgan and Martha Ellen J. John Bryant was a farmer all his life. He was elected Sheriff of Dale County in 1868 and served one term during the hectic times of the so-called "reconstruction" era, when the South was occupied by yankee troops. He and Rachel owned several tracts of land near the Woodham Cemetery and lived just down the road from it. They are both buried at the cemetery.
Robert Marion ("Capp") Daughtry (1847-1918) m. Lucinda Eleanor ("Lucy") Ward and had 5 ch: John Bradford, Robert Edward ("Jack"), Whit C., Laura and Mary E. ("Madie") Daughtry. Capp moved after 1900 to Hartford, Al. where he and Lucy are buried.

Sarah Minerva Daughtry (1849-1920) m. Daniel Franklin ("Frank") Stevens. They had no children. They are buried at the Woodham Cemetery.
Vermillion ("Mindy") Daughtry (1852-1931) m. John Fowler and had 9 ch: William E., Thomas John Bryant ("Tom"), Minnie Eron, Mollie, Reese, Mary Ethel, James Tance, Ewell S. and E. Masco Fowler. Vermillion and John are buried at Winslette Chapel in Houston Co.
Maisy Helon ("Mazy, Masy, Maizie") Daughtry (b 1859) m. James Boswell Atkinson.
James Morgan ("Jim") Daughtry (1862-1924) m. but wife unknown. He left Dale Co. and went to the Yukon in western Canada during the gold rush days. He later moved to Alaska and worked for the railroad there until his death. He had one daughter, Lottie, who m. a Wolf.
Martha Ellen J. ("Mattie") Daughtry (1865-1894) m. John T. Cannon. She died after childbirth. She and her infant child are buried at Woodham Cemetery next to her parents.

MAJOR HOLLAND ("Fox") DAUGHTRY was born 25 Dec., 1825 in Sampson Co., NC and died 21 Nov., 1906 in Dale Co. He m. Nellie (Nelly) Woodham, dau. of Aris Woodham Jr. They had 7 ch: Cynthia Almedia Ann ("Medie"), Priscilla ("Pre"), Mary H. ("Tissy"), Pheribe Jane (Fairbie), Martin J., Albert O., Samuel Hilburn, Carrie Cordelia, Ida T. and James Wilburn. Fox's name was Major--this was not a military rank. He served in the Confederate States Army during the War for Southern Independence. He was a farmer all his life. Following in the footsteps of his brother, he was elected Sheriff of Dale County in the 1890's. He and Nellie are buried at Woodham Cemetery.
Cynthia Almedia Ann ("Medie") Daughtry (1858-1931) m. 1st James Powers and had 3 ch: Lillian R., David Ewell and Major Sybet (Seaborn) Powers. After the death of James in 1893, Medie m. 2nd Samuel Edward Woodham. She is buried in Ozark City Cemetery.

Mary H. ("Tissy") Daughtry (1860-1912) m. Ichabod Mixon in 1904.
Pheribe Jane (Fairbie) Daughtry (1861) m. John Wesley Ketchum.
Martin J. Daughtry (1862-1902) m. Beulah Virginia Mullins and had 7 ch: Floy, John Martin, Walter M., Willie J., Lillie Mae, Lewis L. and Alpheus Rex (Rex) Daughtry. Martin and Beulah are buried at the Lee Cemetery in Dale Co.
Albert O. Daughtry (1867-1901) m. Willie Lula Mixon and had 3 ch: Lucy, William O. and Bessie Daughtry.
Samuel Hilburn (Hilburn) Daughtry (1869) m. Sarah Etta (Etta) Watford and had at least 9 ch: Sanford, Hubert, Noel, Ruby, Ruth, Jesse, Lucille, Edward ("Edd") and Lucy Daughtry.
Carrie Cordelia ("Caria", "Delie") Daughtry (1870-1939) m. Lonnie A. Glover and had at least 7 ch: Hilburn Louis, Jay H., Era Houston C., Wilburn Leslie, Martin Horatio and Major Holland who died as a child and is buried at Woodham Cemetery. Carrie is buried at Winslett Chapel.

Ida T. Daughtry (1873-1949) m. 1st a Loyd and 2nd John Mace Bauldree. She and Bauldree had 5 ch: Mary, Lula A., John I., Ida and William A. Bauldree. John was the son of John Q. Bauldree and Priscilla Adaline Daughtry.
James Wilburn (Wilburn) Daughtry (1875-1960) m. Gypsy E. Burch and had 11 ch: Alberta, Mamie, Major Dewey, Albert Othellus, roy Hilburn, Troy Wilburn, Col. James Burch ("J. B.") (a retired Air Force colonel), Velma, Mary Evelyn, James Alex ("Buster") and Ralph Manard Daughtry. Wilburn and Gipsy are buried at Pondtown Methodist Church Cemetery in Geneva Co.

PRISCILLA ADELINE DAUGHTRY (1834) m. John Quinton Bauldree and had 7 ch: Roxey A., Frances Rebecca, Georgia Ann, Ella, John Mace, Mittie Cordelia (Cordelia) and James M. Bauldree. Adeline and John Q. are buried at the Woodham Cemetery along with two of her triplet granddaughters.
JAMES HAYDEN DAUGHTRY was born in 1839 and died 20 June, 1862 as a soldier in the Confederate States Army.
JOSHUA DAUGHTRY Junior (1830-186?) m. Hanna A. and had at least 7 ch: Sarah Ann, Catherine Sophronia, William F., Joshua Jr. (III), Rebecca Jane (Jane), Viola and James.
MARY JANE DAUGHTRY (abt 1805-1900), dau. of Abraham and Priscilla, was born in Sampson Co., NC. She m. Louis Brown Sr. in 1826 and had at least 10 ch: Louis (Lewis) Brown Jr., William David, Uriah, Neeta, Parmelia ("Millie"), Johnathan, Martha, Mary and Eliza Brown.
Submitted by Robert Earl Woodham


The James Evans family came to Henry Co. around 1822 from the Kershaw Dist. of S.C. James was b. abt. 1760 in N.C. He married Ruth Blackford Lisenby, widow of John Lisenby. James died abt 1835 in Dale Co. James and Ruth Evans had four ch: 1. Sally Evans b. 1801 SC mar William Tiller, Jr. They had a daughter Matilda Tiller, who mar Ellis Enfinger.

2. James Evans b. 1802 S.C. He mar Emily Jones b. 1804 SC. They had ten ch: 1. Joseph Evans b. 1825 AL. mar Margaret Ellaby Key, moved to Trinity Co. Tx. and served in the War for Southern Independence. 2. Matilda Evans b. 1827 Al. moved to Tx. and mar John Wise. 3. James Evans b. 1831 mar Mary Ann Outlaw. 4. Charles Evans b. 1833 m. Mary Jane Fussell, moved to Trinity Co., Tx. He fought with his brother Joseph in the 7th Tx. Cav. Confederate States Army. 5. Ruth Evans b. 1835 m. Daniel Riley. 6. George Evans b. 1838 m. Sarah Jane Vann. 7. Gilbert Evans b. 1841 m. Sarah Woodham. 8. Jehu Evans b. 1843 Dale Co. Al. d. 1923 Wy., mar Rebecca Jane Barnes. 9. Andrew Evans b. 1845. 10. Uriah Evans b. 1848 m. Georgia Ann McDowell.

3. Harriet Evans (3rd ch of James and Ruth), b. 1804 SC, mar Abner Dilmore. They had nine ch, moved to Smith Co. Ms.

4. Rachael b. abt 1805, was struck and killed by lightning at age 10. I am sure that there were more Evans' that came from SC. about the same time. Some went on to Walton Co. Fl. along with more Enfingers and Outlaws. In the 1840 Dale Co. census, there was a Benjamin Evans living next door to James Evans, Jr. He was about the right age to be a brother to James, Sr.
Andy F. McCloskey



John Hagler moved from Anson (now Union) Co., NC to Dale Co., Al. in the 1830's. He bought several tracts of land from 1837 - 1858, eventually owning 1,096 acres along the Dale/Barbour line. John's home was 1 mi NW of Roberts Cross Roads. Several of John's siblings and his father, Peter Hagler, settled nearby in the Blue Springs area of Barbour Co. In 1902 his nephew, Charlie H. Hagler, moved to Kelly in Dale Co. John and first wife, Barbara, had ten chi: Milton, Jackson, Pheriba (Feriby, Phareby), Patterson, Elizabeth, Leonard, Mary Ann (Anna), Martha, Adam, and unknown. John and second wife, Delphia Barefield, had one child: Kissy. John died in 1885 and is buried in Salem Baptist Cemetery.


Charlie Hagler was born in Barbour Co. Al. He bought 250 acres of land north of Kelly from J. S. Whigham in 1902 and moved his family to Dale Co. Charlie and wife, Willie Ann Glover, had seven ch: Colon & Cora (twins), Joseph Lloyd, Mamie, Eula Dell, Beauford Clyde and Arbye Foy. Charlie & Willie Ann lived on their land until 1942 when it was taken by the government to build Ft. Rucker. Son, Colon, lived with them. Clyde Hagler owned a farm north of Charlie's which was also taken for Ft. Rucker. Lloyd Hagler owned a farm south of the railroad which was spared. Lloyd's daughter, Louise, still lives in the family home at Kelly. Charlie, Willie Ann & Colon are buried in Bethel Baptist Cemetery SW of Newton.

More about the Hagler family is contained in Trail of the Haglers, Second Edition, by Travis Jackson Hagler. A copy is in the Ozark Library.
T. J. Jack Hagler



Robert Lee ("Bob") Bonner was born in Crenshaw Co. He moved to Dale Co. in 1912 with his 3rd wife, Caroline Winfield ("Callie") Brown; and five of his ch by his first wife, Dollie Brown: James Robert, Wade Thomas, Mary Sue, Wyatt Smith and Gaines Brown Bonner; and Callie's son, Reginald Obie Brown. Bob and Callie had two children after they moved to Dale: Arthur McGee Bonner and Cecil Spurgeon Bonner. The Bonners lived at Waterford, Kelly, Newton and Currytown before moving to Houston County in 1941. While in Dale, they were members of Newton Methodist Church.
T. J. Jack Hagler


ISAIAH P. HAMMACK was a farmer in Dale Co. with a farm located around where the Daleville Cemetery is now located. The family donated land for the cemetery. Isaiah served in the Confederate States Army during the War for Southern Independence and was killed 30 Jul 1864 in the Battle of the Crater at Petersburg, Va. when the yankees dug a tunnel and stuffed it with gunpowder to try and breach the Southern defense lines. Isaiah mar Emily Britt (3 Oct 1833 -- 7 May 1921). Their ch:

John David (20 Sep 1861 -- 22 Dec 1929) mar Mattie Mozelle Robinson. Their ch: Odessa Myrtle (9 Nov 1887 -- 20 Feb 1992; lived and died in Panama City, FL.) mar Oscar M. Holman; Mattie Gertrude (2 Jul 1889 -- 20 Apr 1982) mar Wilburn Woodfin Windham, both bur in Daleville Cemetery; John Ray (5 Jul 1891) mar Bonnie Byrd; Verna Vetulia (11 Feb 1893 -- 1994), mar Charlie WindhamEudie Clarence (29 Jun 1895), died as a child; Isaiah Lewie (6 Sep 1896), twin, died child; Hiram Luther (6 Sep 1896 -- 27 Dec 1989), twin; David Iverson (9 Feb 1899) dies as child; Alma Emily (11 Feb 1901) mar Burtice H. Brinson; Annie Laurie (18 Jun 1903); John David ("J. D.") (13 Aug 1905); Huey (26 Jan 1908) died child; Eleanor (12 Mar 1910 -- 6 Jan 1990), mar Alva Joiner; and Leon (27 Dec 1912), lived in Tx.
Contributed by: Patty Worley


Many of the Johnson's from Dale County are direct descendants of Jesse Johnson (b ca 1795 in NC) and his wife Sarah (b ca 1795. Jesse was reported by historian W. L. Andrews to be the first internment at Claybank Cemetary although, if true, his grave there is unmarked. Jesse moved to Dale Co. sometime between 1825 and 1828 from North Carolina (probably Edgefield, SC). Two of his known children, Daniel W. Johnson (14 Jun 1814) and Martha Elizabeth ("Patsy") Johnson (15 Sep 1825) married members of the Carroll family in Dale Co. Daniel Johnson, well known to residents during his time, mar Rebecca Carroll (22 Aug 1822, daughter of James Carroll and Rhoda Stephenson) and together they had 10 known ch. Portions of the house that Daniel Johnson built still remain near the Skipperville Highway. Daniel and Rebecca and many of their relatives are buried in the City Cemetary in Ozark. Four of Daniel and Rebecca's sons served in the War Between the States, including William and Leroy, both of the 33rd Alabama Infantry and both of whom perished in the War, as well as James C. Johnson (3 Nov 1843) of the 53rd Ala. Inf. and Francis Marion ("Coot") Johnson (24 Aug 1846) of the 57th Ala. Inf.
Ron Johnson

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