Enfinger, Infinger, Emfinger Family History

Enfinger Family History

Enfinger - Emfinger - Infinger family history

Founded 1979

A national family club for the
Infinger - Enfinger - Emfinger family

Welcome to the Infinger - Enfinger - Emfinger family Internet website. It is sponsored by the Enfinger Family Association, a national, non-profit family club for all descendants of the Infinger - Enfinger - Emfinger family [re-gardless of spelling]. This Southern family was established in America during the 1740's by Protestant refugees who fled religious persecution of the Roman Catholic church in southern Germany. Our ancestors originally settled north of Charleston, South Carolina in what is now part of Dorchester County. They spread from there into adjoining Orangeburg County and later into Alabama, the Panhandle region of northwest Florida and Mississippi. Today, descendants of the family live throughout the South and many other states.

The majority of the family today are descendants of relatives who settled in southeast Alabama in the 1820's. Most of this branch of the family now spell the name Enfinger. All the descendants of the family who remained in South Carolina spell it Infinger. The descendants of one relative who settled in central Alabama and his descendants who moved to Mississippi spell it Emfinger. This family club is for ALL descendants of our family--regardless of how you spell it.

We are also offering a section for queries. If our family historian cannot find information on your particular ancestor in the records of our Family Library, then perhaps you might be able to find a living relative who could be able to tell you the info your are seeking. You can post a query in this section free of charge. Click on "QUERIES" in the INDEX below.

Enfinger Family Association

The Enfinger Family Association was founded in 1979 as a national, non-profit family club for all descendants of the Infinger - Enfinger - Emfinger family in America. Regardless of how you spell it, we are all part of ONE family--descendants of a German family who settled in South Carolina in the 1740's. Our main purpose is to provide an organization so we can all work together to help preserve our family's heritage and to work on family projects.

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