Odom Family Marriage Records

Part 6, Georgia

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Welcome to our Odom Family HISTORY section devoted to marriage records of our ancestors. In the coming months, we will list records gathered from county courthouses all over the country. We NEED YOUR HELP in this project. If you have info that has been confirmed with public documents, please send this to us to preserve in the Family Library as well as for posting here.

This site is sponsored by the Odom Family Association, a national, non-profit family club founded in 1978 for all descendants of the Odom (Odam, Odum, etc.) family. The family club was founded to gather and preserve the history of ALL Odom, Odum families. See the HOME page for more about the family club.

NOTE: these marriage records have been obtained from a variety of sources, including directly from courthouse records, published books and magazines and from lists sent in by relatives.

In many cases, the date shown is not the actual date of marriage but rather the date the marriage license -- or bond, was issued. This is especially true of older records: these are most likely a marriage "bond", a legal promise to marry the girl and if the marriage did not take place, the man and his bondsman forfeited the bond money.

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Lumpkin County

Elizabeth		ODEM	19 Feb	1835	Daniel		Whitmer
Catherine		ODEM	 3 Feb	1836	William B.	Landrum
Caroline		ODUM	 5 May	1878	Thomas  A.	Beck
Ida	J.	        ODAM	14 Jan	1886	James	B.	Cannon
Agness			ODOM     4 May	1902	Winslow	        Christian
Pearl			ODOM    19 Jul	1913	J.	C.	Seitz
Ida			ODOM     6 May	1918	John		Cagle
Minnie			ODOM     6 May	1923	Jim		Davis
Mary			ODOM    24 Dec	1924	Carl		Free
May		        ODOMS	15 Feb	1924	Grover		Ramie
Annie			ODOM    20 Jan	1929	William	        Carter
Maude			ODOM    31 Mar	1929	Homer		Gamblin

Muscogee County

John                    ODOM    22 Dec	1844	Mary		Ealy

Oglethorpe County

Nancy		        ODOM    19 Apr	1804	Hardy		Morgan

Walker County

John	Lewis	        ODUM	11 Oct	1883	Annie	O.	Thomas
Marion			ODOM    25 Dec	1890	Laura		Bradley
William			ODOM    17 Oct	1891	Ora		Hockenberry
T.	C.	        ODUM	 4 Jul	1897	Lucy		Bradley
Shermon			ODOM    24 Jul	1898	Josie		Fry
Wm.	H.	        ODEM	 1 Nov	1903	Mattie		Lewis
James		        ODUM	30 Oct	1905	Roxie		Logan
Louis		        ODUM	25 Aug	1916	Bessie		Cranmore
Wallis			ODOM    20 Nov	1916	Maud		Lawings
Ralph			ODOM     2 Oct	1920	May		Dugger


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