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Riley, Rily, Rilly, Reily, Reilly, Reiley, Rielly, Rieley, Raley, Railey, O'Reily ...

Welcome to the official home of the Riley Family Club -- a national non-profit family club for all descendants of the different Riley families. The family club is dedicated to gathering and preserving the family heritage of ALL Riley families -- regardless of spelling.

Of course, all the different Riley families in America are not blood-related. Yet, we are united in our common dream to gather and preserve our family heritage. Please don't ask "am I related to your group" -- this is a family club for ALL the different Riley families. Most of the families from the South are descendants of Riley's who came to the English colonies before they became independent. The majority of Riley immigrants who came to America in the last 100 years settled in northern states.

Family History

We have a family History section online where we have basic family information that we hope will help you know and understand our ancestors better. The information in the History section will constantly change because we can't afford enough space to put large amounts of records in it. We are also dedicated to creating a major collection of family history records to preserve in the Riley Family National Library. Click on "HISTORY" in the INDEX below to go to the History section.

Family Queries

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR RILEY ANCESTORS, you can post a message/query in our Queries section. You may be able to find others who already have information and records and can help you locate your own ancestors. Click on "QUERIES" in the INDEX below.

Famous and Notable Rileys

Ever wondered if you had any famous or notable Riley kinfolk? Well, we have a new section to help you find some. This section honors those Riley kin (including descendants) who have earned a place of renown for their accomplishments in government, the arts, business and industry, education, entertainment (movies, TV and music), military service, religion, science, sports and more. It includes governors, Congressmen, state legislators, lieutenant governor, sheriffs, mayors, district attorneys; movie actors and actresses, musicians, Hollywood directors, producers and even stuntmen; college professors, deans, university presidents, principals, school superintendents; artists; religious leaders; writers and journalist, newspaper publishers; college and professional athletes; generals and frontline GI's who earned their mark on the battlefield; scientists in many fields; and much more. We will also have a section on place names with cities, communities, schools, creeks and other sites named for the family...and who they were named for. Click on "FAMOUS" in the INDEX below to get started.

Family Memorials

We have a Memorials section where family club members may post free memorials to loved ones. If you would like to memorialize your parents, grandparents, ancestors, spouse or other Riley relative, you can do this in this section. You can add a photo of the relative to the memorial. Click on "MEMORIALS" in the INDEX below.

Family Newsletter

We also have an online family newsletter, with current news, obituaries on deaths, wedding announcements, engagements, anniversaries, birth notices, school news and other features about the family. WE NEED YOUR HELP: when you hear of a death, marriage, birth or other news about a Riley relative, please let us know. If you see an obituary, wedding notice, birth or other news in your local newspaper please clip it out, along with the name and date of the paper from the top of the page and mail it to us at the address below. Click on "NEWS" in the INDEX below.

Riley Family Books

We are preparing several books which will be available soon. Our first one is a brief history of the descendants of Edward Riley Sr. whose descendants settled in North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Texas, Arkansas and several other states.

We are also preparing books on Riley Family Cemetery Records and Riley Family Marriage Records.

See the "HISTORY" section for more about the books. Click on "History" in the INDEX below.

Riley Family National Library

One of the main goals of the Riley Family Club is to gather records and copies of public documents of every type on our family and preserve these in a National Family Library. You are urged to send us information and copies of records on your immediate family to preserve in the Family Library. We are trying to gather copies of every type of public document and private records, including copies of marriage records, deeds, old letters, wills, US and state census records, obituaries, newspaper articles, family Bible records , estate and court records, birth and death certificates, military records, wedding and engagement notices, school records, old tax and voter's lists, cemetery tombstone inscriptions and more.

PLEASE, make xerox copies of the family information in your Bible, obituaries of Riley relatives, wedding notices, military discharge papers, birth and death certificates and other types of family records you have and send these to us to preserve in the Family Library. Take time to record all the birth dates, marriages and deaths in your immediate family. Record the memories of the oldest relatives you know so these can be preserved for future generations.

Our Family Library will be donated to the Georgia State Archives upon the death of our historian. This is the largest and most modern state archives in the South and centrally located for the majority of our family.

If you are a Riley or descendant of a Riley, especially those who are descendants of pioneers of the American colonies, you are invited to join and support YOUR family club. If you like what we are trying to do, then you should be a part of it.

Our Purpose and Goals:

Your membership in the family club is very important to make it a success.

Without your support, a lot of family projects such as our Family Library and this family website won't be possible. Join us and help make this dream a reality. Send your membership dues to the address below.

Join and support your Riley Family Club

Annual membership dues: $15

Write or email us:

Riley Family Club
3120 6th Ave.
Columbus, Georgia 31904


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