Sasser Family History

This section of our site is devoted to Sasser family history. If you are a Sasser or descendant of a Sasser, you are urged to send the family club information and records on your branch of the family to preserve in the Sasser Family National Library and to post on this page as well. We are trying to gather and preserve information on EVERY descendant of our family who has lived.

From time to time, we will post various types of information and records of our family on the website. This is done in an effort to help everyone know and understand our family's heritage better. We hope you will help in this project with info on your immediate family line. See the INDEX below.


Family National Library

We have been trying for many years to create one central source of information for all our family's heritage. This collection has been designated as the Sasser Family National Library. Upon the death of our Family Historian, he had planned to donate the collection to the Georgia State Archives in Atlanta, the largest and most modern state archives in the South. However, we have learned that the State Archives cannot accept anything but 'published' books for their library and cannot accept large collections of 'loose' records -- so the search is on for a suitable library or state university where our records can be stored.

We are trying to gather and preserve every type of public document and family records we can find on our family, including all descendants of the family. You are urged to send us copies of any public documents you have collected, as well as information on the relatives that you have researched.

Among the type records we are gathering to preserve in your Sasser Family National Library are:
military records, deeds, US & state census records, birth and death certificates, newpaper articles, wills, estate records, old tax lists and voter's lists, wedding and engagement announcements, birth announcements, cemetery tombstone inscriptions, photos, old letters, family Bible records, court records, listings from city directories, obituaries, published items from books and magazines, awards and any other type of printed material. We also want family history in any composition, whether recorded, hand-written, typed or on GEDCOM compatible disks or by email. See the History section below.

The biggest problem the family club faces is the fact that all too many kinfolk who contact us want "all the information you have on my family", while at the same time, all too few are willing to take a little time to write down information about even their immediate family or to copy what information and records thay have already gathered and send this in to preserve in the Sasser Family National Library. Future generations will suffer the same pangs of not knowing about their ancestors because living relatives today just can't seem to cooperate in this effort.

email or write us:

Sasser Family Association
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Sasser Family History

The first records on Sassers in America are found in Maryland, dating from the 1600's. WHEN our ancestor (s) came to Maryland is still being researched but we know they were in Somerset County, Maryland by the 1690's at least. By the early 1700's, they were also in Charles County, Maryland and by 1733, the family had joined the large number of new settlers on the frontier in the Colony of North Carolina.

Our family had their origin in England. Family names ("surnames") had their beginnings in England during the 1400's and 1500's due in part because of the need for better tax rolls for the king and better record-keeping by the government in general. There is still considerable debate over the meaning of our family name.


Family Records

Family History

This section will eventually contain a very brief "running" history of our family, from their origins in England up to the early 1800's.

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17 June, 1998